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1874Re: Theos-World ULT Mysteries

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  • ramadoss@infohwy.com
    Jul 11, 2001
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      At 05:22 PM 7/11/01 +1100, gregory@... wrote:
      >It is, of course, equally true that the real "inner" history of both
      >Adyar and Pt Loma have never been published. Perhaps a little more open
      >access, accurate and honest information and the release of historical
      >material would promote (rather than damage) the Thoeosphical movement?
      >Dr Gregory Tillett

      If ever a full "real" history of the interaction between the exoteric and
      esoteric organizations becomes available, it would be very interesting to
      learn in what ways it has helped theosophy and hurt theosophy during the
      last 100+ years, because real life is always a mixed bag of good and bad.

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