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1870ULT Mysteries

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  • gregory@zeta.org.au
    Jul 10 11:22 PM
      The discussion about the role and positive or negative aspects of the ULT
      reminded me of a few intriguing mysteries about the origins and control
      of the ULT.

      1. Why was Robert Crosbie ejected from Pt Loma?

      2. What has been the role of the DES (the ULT ES organization) in the
      control and/or management of the ULT?

      3. Who actually has controlled the ULT throughout its development, and

      On question (1) there are several versions, notably those of the ULT and
      Pt Loma, but there are also "inner" accounts, at least one of which is
      probably accurate. The DES (question (2)) remains one of the great
      secrets of Theosophical history (not unlike the ER of the Adyar TS); I
      hope that its history and teachings will be made accessible to students
      of Theosophical history when I complete the history of secret societies
      in the Theosophical movement on which John Cooper and I were
      collaborating at the time of his passing. But the role of the DES has
      been even greater than that of the Adyar and Pt Loma ES groups because it
      has remained largely "invisible". For example, it is not, to my
      knowledge, referred to in a single history of the Theosophical movement
      (and is not, of course, mentioned in the Theosophy Company's history).
      Question (3) relates to the real history - as opposed to the vague
      historical statements - of the ULT. No organization operates without
      leadership and systems of power and control, and those that deny they
      have such systems are inevitably more rigidly controlled by those who
      actually hold the "non-existent" positions of authority.

      I do not in any way denigrate the work (or, particularly, the
      publications) of the ULT, but I would venture to suggest that the public
      relations position it takes simply misrepresents the reality. Scholars in
      the field know, for example, who wrote Theosophy Company's history and
      who headed the movement at various stages of its development.

      It is, of course, equally true that the real "inner" history of both
      Adyar and Pt Loma have never been published. Perhaps a little more open
      access, accurate and honest information and the release of historical
      material would promote (rather than damage) the Thoeosphical movement?

      Dr Gregory Tillett
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