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[theory-edge] happy holidays

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  • Vladimir Z. Nuri
    happy holidays to everyone. thought I would take a moment away from the theory-edge-brain-cramping-thinking to reflect on the year here!! I would like to thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 1998
      happy holidays to everyone. thought I would take a moment
      away from the theory-edge-brain-cramping-thinking
      to reflect on the year here!!

      I would like to thank all who
      have made the theory-edge list a place to visit and
      "hang out" at here in cyberspace. I know everyone tends to be very
      busy and thank you for the time you have spent here over
      the months. I would particularly like to thank posters,
      but of course the readers have made this list what it
      is as well-- any attn at all to this list is a plus imho.

      the list has been going since mid may, so about 8 months
      now or so. I admit that I have been frustrated with this
      list at times due to low traffic (minus),
      but I have made a few new friends (plus), although
      even a few new enemies perhaps <g> (minus), but overall I am quite
      glad for the opportunity to run/moderate this list, and
      satisfied with what it has accomplished so far/become
      (overall plus!!).

      I find it a privilege to interact with great minds and sharp thinkers
      from around the world on these subjects which are abstruse
      and which very few people in the entire world are interested in,
      and I have gotten positive comments in email from posters who
      feel the same way. it's a small elite club we
      have here, yet at the same time
      we have successfully realized some of the camaraderie/community
      that I hoped to achieve in starting/building up the list.

      occasionally I come off as a bit cocky here perhaps, which it
      seems that at least two people have reacted to. if anyone perceives
      my posts as self-important, critical, or whatever at times, for that
      I apologize. I would like this place to be as friendly
      as possible and that all starts with me!!
      so far the list has gone extremely well, with no
      public altercations, and imho that's very good for a list this size
      and the kinds of people on it.

      we are now up to about 120 subscribers, and that's a very
      neat Xmas present.. we are also at the point where there is
      a trickle of new subscribers even without my posts..
      along with Stas' recent results, I think
      we all have plenty of gifts under our tree here. <g>

      here are the number of posts per month to this list for the year:
      may 16
      jun 32
      jul 12
      aug 42
      sep 53
      oct 84
      nov 55
      dec ~30

      I also have hit statistics to the web archives, and overall
      I am surprised how busy they have been. in Nov for
      example there were about 1350 hits to the web pages, that's
      close to 50 per day, which is incredibly good for such an
      obscure/abstruse/specialized charter. (it's volatile tho
      with Dec at 754 so far.)

      I'm very excited about the possibilities of this list for the
      new year. we've got just enough that we could have some
      very exciting discussions/developments, either relative to
      outside events, or perhaps even generated by the
      list's own "members".

      in particular if there are any mathematical breakthroughs
      I think that we will be very well poised to discuss them. there
      is good reason to think that there will be a few over the next
      year. I will never forget how the worldwide mathematical community
      was quite electrified with wiles' proof of FLT.. and much of
      the communication went through email.. maybe something
      like that could happen again... maybe here!! well I for one
      will be ready!!


      here's a fun page of lots of christmas/holiday graphics that
      a friend sent me.. very good for putting together web
      pages or your own digital cards etc.


      (if others could refrain from posting holiday wishes,
      and let this msg serve as everyone's greeting, I'd appreciate it)

      happy holidays to everyone;

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