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  • Vladimir Nuri
    May 18, 1998
      The "theory-edge" list is for informal, collegial discussion of the latest
      research advances, and especially newsworthy cutting-edge or breakthrough
      developments, in the hardest problems in computation and mathematics. Topics
      are the most difficult unsolved theoretical problems currently facing computer
      scientists and theoretical mathematicians.

      Areas of particular interest are:

      P vs. NP
      satisfiability problem
      3n+1 problem
      Goldbach's conjecture
      Even perfect numbers
      Riemann hypothesis

      The discussion will ideally be as nontechnical as possible and focus on
      interesting and unexpected connections across seemingly disparate fields.
      Particularly sought are insights that seem to suggest entirely new fields or
      general principles previously unrecognized or unrelated. Highly specific
      and specialized research without general implications is less preferrable.
      The emphasis is on an atmosphere of interdisciplinary insight and spurring
      a fusion of subscriber's knowledge that may contribute to their solution.

      Posting entire papers is not appropriate, however abstracts and URL pointers
      are encouraged. Short essays are preferred to short responses and
      message-quoting. Conference announcements and calls for papers should be
      sent to the moderator <vznuri@...> who may or may not post them
      depending on perceived interest to subscribers. The moderator is
      responsible for guiding the discussion, and complaints about the contents
      or traffic of the list should never be posted but instead forwarded to
      the moderator who will collect, summarize, and (in)validate them.

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