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14687TCS/hi, it really is me

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  • V.Z. Nuri
    Jan 29, 2014
      hi guys it really is me. super busy but havent forgotten about you all, anyone out there remember me? just waiting for right moment to talk to you all again....

      anyone still on this list? it lists over 2k email addresses but presumably many are dead. dont know how many are still active.

      have been busy, finally bit bullet built a new blog about 1.5yr ago, filled up the content, built up the traffic a bit. lots of cool posts. check it out! if my hit counter goes up will know you guys are still alive out there!


      stackexchange site has now been around about ½ decade and is amazing collaborative software for harnessing "collective intelligence/wisdom"... very well built, many features... have been using it 2yrs now & its great, esp the computer science and theoretical computer science sites.

      hope to hear from you! put a comment on my blog somewhere if you wanna chat some more! also theres a very good chat feature on stackexchange and have been hanging out there a lot.