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14679Intel Corporation (INTC): Intel Powers Up The 3D Printing Revolution - Seeking Alpha

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  • Roger Bagula
    Jan 8, 2014
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      Intel Powers Up The 3D Printing Revolution

      Jan. 8, 2014 10:03 AM ET | About: INTC, Includes: AAPL, DDD, MSFT, QCOM
      Disclosure: I am long INTC, . (More...)

      Intel (INTC) is not satisfied in conquering the tablets market and Telematics industry. The world's largest semiconductor company also wants to lead in the 3D printing gold rush. Intel is teaming up with 3D Systems (DDD) in bringing the 3D printing technology to the household. 3D Systems is the pioneer and emerging leader of 3D printing technology.

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      This latest development is a big positive for INTC. Judging from the one-year 135.75% price increase of DDD, the market is very much in love with the future of 3D printing. Intel is being shrewd again in riding the next big thing of the printing industry.

      As a quick way of propagating mainstream 3D printing, 3D Systems is bundling its Sense Software with upcoming Intel-equipped mobile computing products. Sense is a 3D scanning, 3D editing, and 3D printing software. It will be used to digitize real world objects via Intel's new embedded RealSense 3D camera. The deal also calls for 3D systems to provide its 3D scanning technology as part and parcel of Intel's Software Development Kit (SDK) so developers can further extend the uses of Intel's RealSense 3D Camera.

      Intel's RealSense 3D Camera

      As part of its bid to dominate the tablet and mobile computing market, Intel revealed that its new RealSense 3D camera will come integrated in 2H 2014 releases of Ultrabooks, Intel-powered tablets, All-in-One computers, and 2-in-1 notebooks. NEC, Lenovo, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Asus, Acer are all on board to deliver products this year with integrated RealSense 3D cameras. Most of which will probably run Microsoft's (MSFT) Windows 8 OS>

      The RealSense 3D camera offers human eye-like depth perception, allowing smart devices to see and interpret objects before it in three dimensions. This product exemplifies Intel's thrust towards Perceptual Computing. It's no longer the stuff of science fiction movies: Intel is delivering the future now. RealSense is the world's smallest embedded 3D/2D camera module with full 1080P HD sensor.