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Update: A mortar in the hands of Spartacus (Kasama and the need for

Hi folks, Mike created a blog page for my short essay. It is here: http://mikeely.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/online-war-over-ideas-a-communis t-deus-ex-machina/
Ben Seattle
Dec 23, 2009

A mortar in the hands of Spartacus (Kasama and the need for a self-m

Hi folks, Below is an exceprt from a letter I wrote to a Kasama supporter concerning the need for a self-moving community -- Ben ... From: Ben Seattle Sent:
Ben Seattle
Dec 16, 2009

(Kasama forum) Conscious Forces thread (reply to Luis)

Hi folks, This is a reply to Luis on Kasama. His posts were more objective than the previous guy. Topics are: (1) the influence of social-democratic ideology
Ben Seattle
Dec 3, 2009

Concise overview of my work at: http://struggle.net/ben/concise.htm

Hi folks, As part of preparation for work in new communities, I created a concise overview of my work today: http://struggle.net/ben/concise.htm My main index
Ben Seattle
Dec 1, 2009

How to create a revolutionary mass organization (reply to Les)

... From: les evenchick To: pof-200@yahoogroups.com Subject: Re: [pof-200] (Kasama forum) The Ozymandias argument Ben wrote: We need a revolutionary mass
Ben Seattle
Dec 1, 2009

(Kasama forum) The Ozymandias argument

Hi folks, (this is the only substantive response to my "Conscious Forces" essay I have gotten so far--Ben)
Ben Seattle
Nov 29, 2009

(Annual Report 2009) Conscious Forces Will Bring Us Certain Victory

Hi folks, My annual report is now online (along with a substantial essay): Conscious Forces Will Bring Us Certain Victory How, in the coming period of
Ben Seattle
Nov 22, 2009

powerful agitation requires an open community (reply to SAIC support

Posted to the SAIC blog at: http://www.seattleaic.org/?p=137 Ben Seattle Mar 11th, 2009 at 2:14 am Let me see if I have this right. You oppose the use of coal
Ben Seattle
Mar 11, 2009

Democracy and workers' rule (reply to David)

To other readers: In his post, David is referring to my response in May of last year to Eric (a supporter of the Communist Voice Organization). My response
Ben Seattle
Mar 4, 2009

Reply to Wood re: The Attention Refinery project

Note to other readers: Wood is referring to the project described at: http://AttentionRefinery.com hi there Wood, First, many thanks for your thoughtful
Ben Seattle
Feb 18, 2009

(seaimc) Carl Dix, Frank and the kind of organization we need

Hi Paul, My comment on the Seattle Indymedia thread included a link to your encouraging comments. -- Ben from:
Ben Seattle
Feb 9, 2009

SAIC's Jan 21 meeting -- and Ben's 3 laws of mass democratic organiz

Hi folks, The Seattle Anti-Imperialist Committee (SAIC) had its first "monthly" public meeting last night in six months. I asked for discussion concerning the
Ben Seattle
Jan 22, 2009

open letter to Mike Ely (Kasama) re: community and moderation

Hi folks, Here is the open letter I sent to Mike Ely of the Kasama blog. Following that (for reference) are the reports I made of this to the Media Weapon
Ben Seattle
Dec 16, 2008

Re: [pof-300] RE: Community, engagement and moderation on Kasama

Hi folks, A quick update. Mike deleted my post (see below: "Community, engagement and moderation on Kasama") from the thread he created on moderation. It
Ben Seattle
Dec 14, 2008

Re: Community, engagement and moderation on Kasama

Hi folks, I heard back from Mike that he created a thread for these kinds of issues. This is now posted at:
Ben Seattle
Dec 14, 2008
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