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Original Sins #2

I browse ComicBoodkDb regularly, and every few months, I check for new appearances of Howard, Jennifer, and Man-Thing. Jennifer hasn't been in anything since
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Sep 28, 2014

Re: A Muck-Monster special issue magazine

Finally! According to past postings on the Alan Moore group this was to be permanently shelved! Great news! Peace, Jeff
Jeff Vargon
Feb 18, 2014

A Muck-Monster special issue magazine

News at: http://www.lonely.geek.nz/fording_the_mainstream/man-thing/news-things.html#comiccookcreator
Darren Schroeder
Feb 18, 2014

Gerber's stated influences

http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/40988.Steve_Gerber I put up Camus and Brontë, but can't remember any other specifics.  Most of the other influences I
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oct 2, 2013

Re: Savage Wolverine

I saw that character.  his name is Morrigon.  According to comicbookdb.com, Morrigon and Man-Thing both appear in the issue, and I don't want to remove
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Jun 26, 2013

Re: Savage Wolverine

... Read it and I don't think he does, seems there's another character with the "three prong" face thing happening. Darren
Darren Schroeder
Jun 25, 2013

Savage Wolverine

There is a Man-Thing in Savage Wolverine #4.  It can't possibly be Ted Sallis, because he's rooted in the ground in the Savage Land.  He saves a mortally
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Jun 25, 2013

The right Time for New Man-thing (Spoilers)

My thoughts on the Thunderbolts - Man-Thing Saga and the way ahead for Manny. Man-Thing had a supporting role in the Thunderbolts after Jeff Parker took over
Darren Schroeder
Dec 7, 2012

Marvels: Eye of the Camera

Unlike the original Marvels, Stve Gerber doesn't get credit although this one uses more of his material, including brief mentions of Man-Thing (and one panel
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Oct 9, 2012

Re: Comics Should Be Good: Best Creator runs

The one I was forgetting was George Pérez's 62-issue run on Wonder Woman.   Scott Andrew Hutchins http://mywebpages.comcast.net/scottandrewh [currently down;
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Sep 27, 2012

Comics Should Be Good: Best Creator runs

http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2012/09/05/comics-should-be-goods-top-100-comic-book-runs-2/ Placing the code in the voting makes your vote invisible
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Sep 25, 2012

Re: The Infernal Man-Thing

I sat down and read the three issues in one sitting last night and I share Ali and Scott's feelings, but think perhaps the let down owes more to outside issues
Darren Schroeder
Sep 2, 2012

The Infernal Man-Thing

It could be that my roommate at the homeless shelter was haranguing me with egregious small talk, but I thought "Screenplay of the Living Dead Man" was kind of
Scott Andrew Hutchins
Aug 30, 2012

Dark Avengers #176 - Welcome back Man-Thing

From Parkerspace Dark Avengers #176 All hail our new mossy overlord, the Man-Thing is back and he's not only about giving scared people sick burns... Bye for
Darren Schroeder
Jun 20, 2012

Man-Thing Omnibus in July Previews

Fans have spotted listings in the July 2012 PREVIEWS solicits for two version of an omnibus for Manny!!!
Darren Schroeder
Apr 16, 2012
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