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Re: [The NYY Fan Club] 0-2!

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    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 8, 2012
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      On Apr 8, 2012 9:44 AM, "Greg Gray" <la_pensione@...> wrote:

      My personal perspective on regular season games changed long ago hen in a July series the Yankees one of the best regular season games I have ever seen. This of course is the game Jeter jumped into the stands to catch a foul ball and cut his chin. The game solidified the Yanks hold on first place and I felt for sure we win the world series. Of course we didn't and the Red Sox went on to defeat their long suffereing curse.

      Except for end of season standings and injuries these games are nothing more than part of the 162 season grind that is MLB. I am frustrated by the games because I always want to see something "special" when my Yanks are playing but like the players I have learned to keep a more even approach to winning and losing streaks.

      So what I have taken from this series is not much of anything at this point. I will say its nice to be able to put a consistent rotation out there day after day even if we have nothing to show for it yet. No AJ makes it easier to know that rotation will overcome any hiccups and right itself. I am pleased that the Yanks offense has shown up as well although again its early but the Rays probably have the best rotation in baseball and we have scored some runs off them.

      As for the Rays I find it hysterical to listen to their announcers. Their offense is still offensive yet they act as though Luke scout and Carlos Pena will win league MVPs. And their defense hasn't been stellar which is uncharacteristic of rays ball clubs. No doubt the Rays will be at the top in the end as their pitching is just too good. But unless another Evan Longoria rises from the ashes that is their everyday lineup they will be looking at another early exit from the post season. Frankly the Yanks match up very well with the Rays even though the pitching hasn't shown up from our side.

      Anyways even if we lose today there are still a few more games left (and starts by CC and Kuroda) to turn it all around :)


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