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  • Jacob
    Hi there. My favorites are Bert, Lisa, Cedric and Sophia
    Message 1 of 9 , Jun 29, 2010
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      Hi there. My favorites are Bert, Lisa, Cedric and Sophia

      --- In thenewraccoons@yahoogroups.com, "bigb2041987" <bigb2041987@...> wrote:
      > Hi,I'm BigB2041987. I've seen The Raccoons when the first came on in
      > 1980. I was just about 13 years old then. And to this very time of
      > today, I just really love them! I started putting up RPG stories on
      > The Raccoons RPG Club. The stories that I put up are Back To The
      > Future,It's A Wonderful,Bert Raccoon,and The Wizard Of Oz. And I
      > still thinking what should I put up next. If you have any ideas just
      > ask me. The place will take movies that are only G,PG,and PG-13. And
      > they don't take R,NC-17,and X movies. The best characters of the show
      > are Cedric Sneer and Lisa Raccoon. Cedric is the person who always
      > makes me laugh everytime I see him. Lisa is the most sexy cartoon
      > that I ever saw. I'm really going to enjoy being on these Raccoon
      > Groups with all of you.
      > BigB2041987
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