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Re: Forum stage 2- Planning

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  • Justin Jackrabbit
    Thank You everyone for considering the forum idea! I am confident that it will be an excellent move, and a huge success for us Raccoons fans! Now that the idea
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 26, 2008
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      Thank You everyone for considering the forum idea! I am confident that
      it will be an excellent move, and a huge success for us Raccoons fans!
      Now that the idea is catching on, I think we should start discussing a
      little bit about what we would want out of a Raccoons Discussion
      Forum. Everything from what it should look like, to it's content, to
      who builds it, to where it will be located (URL), who manages it, and
      so on. So I'll start by offering a few thoughts.

      In order to get the ball rolling on this plan, I think we are going to
      have to first figure out a few important details. First, I think we
      should start by discussing what features we would like to see on our
      forum. For instance, in addition to a message board, we could opt to
      include space for uploading and downloading art, audio, and video
      files, space for special articles, space for fan art and fan fiction
      and so on, or we can keep it a simple web forum for the sole purpose
      of discussion on the show. Flashy layout, or a simple HTML message
      board. The more we choose to include on our site, the more strenuous
      of an effort it would take to achieve. To be honest, I think our show
      deserves the works!... but, whatever is in our ballpark I suppose.

      Once we figure out what our ideal forum would look like and what is
      within our capabilities, I think we are going to have to then agree
      unanimously on who will be constructing our site. As Brother Ralph put
      it, we will likely want to go with one very gracious and Raccoons
      lovin' tech-savvy wiz' that would be willing to make all of our forum
      dreams and wishes come true. Such a truly awesome person (or persons)
      would also need to commit time to future technical support of the
      forum, and assure us of it's future stability. If you're out there
      o-mighty master of Photoshop, I would be forever grateful, and may
      possibly even name one of my future offspring after you.

      Now comes item number three- The all-important URL. We are going to
      have to decide on a name for the Forum, and where exactly on the world
      wide web we are going to make it a home. Now I know there are several
      options out there as far as "free web space"... some are better than
      others, and we should be careful to give a lot of thought to this
      route. The other way, and this would probably be my personal
      suggestion, is to acquire our own personal webspace, with a URL of our
      own choosing. This may require somebody to either donate space that
      they already own, or we could set up a donation pool to collectively
      buy the space. With privately owned space, we would have less worry
      about a free-space site crashing, or becoming subjected to unsightly
      ads and spam.

      Then, once we have our plan together, we should decide on who will
      manage our forum. Over the years, we have had more than a few great
      leaders who have proved to be the most dedicated of fans, and I think
      it speaks volumes of our group. A privileged few of us have had the
      honor of being acquainted with the shows creator, Kevin Gillis, and
      other top executives in charge of the shows marketing. I believe such
      individuals would be the ideal managers for this forum, since they
      would be best suited to provide us with news and updates. I think it
      would be great if we could possibly get some guidance from Mr. Gillis
      himself and other behind-the-scenes knowledgeable folk, like Jim
      Gilsinan, who has paid unfathomable respects to The Raccoons for the
      past 12 years with his Unofficial Raccoons Homepage - A Raccoons
      fansite that is truly second to none... yet!


      Anyway, those are my immediate thoughts on the conception of this
      forum. I am really excited to see what will come of it, and I want to
      do anything I can to help make it a grand reality. Let's make it
      happen, for one of the greatest animated television series of all time!


      --- In thenewraccoons@yahoogroups.com, "brother_ralph2"
      <brother_ralph2@...> wrote:
      > Ok, stage one was deciding if it was a god idea, and I think we are
      > pretty much unanimous (I have only had one person say its not a good
      > idea). The forum plan goes ahead, and I think it will help to
      > reorganise things, keep things easier to use and keep up with,
      > therefore reducing inactivity.
      > So stage 2 shall proceed. Unfortunately I am currently still in busy
      > times and unable to committ time to setting things up. But the last
      > goal this group made was to build a library on megaupload of all the
      > episodes, and we succeeded in that. So I will continue to run things
      > from here and if there are any techy types out there who would like to
      > have a go at looking into options for the forum then it would be great
      > if you could keep this group updated while you are preparing things.
      > Any volunteers will be apreciated by the whole group, I am sure.
      > BR
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