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Re: New Brooks pix....

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  • dasimperator
    By:����Cerulean_Blu Date:����2/2/01 4:04 am Say, which pix are the new ones? And how d you know about Ed Mirvish?? His superstore (if you can
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2001
      By:�Cerulean_Blu<br>Date:�2/2/01 4:04 am
      <br><br>Say, which pix are the new ones?<br><br>And how'd you
      know about Ed Mirvish?? His superstore (if you can
      call it that!) Honest Ed's is still going strong here
      in the
      city.<br><br>========================================================<br><br>I'm not sure which is which as I haven't taken time
      to compare the new stuff to the stuff I'd downloaded
      last year. It may just be a new format for old pix
      with a few new ones sprinkled in and around<br>As for
      Honest Ed, I think I remember him from an old National
      Geographic article (or was it a Toronto city guide
      booklet?). Every so often stuff about Canada filters down to
      us "ingnorant" Yanks. ;o)<br>It probably helps
      "ethnic Canadian" myself (father's paternal grandfather
      drifted down from Quebec).....
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