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  • dasimperator
    Cerulean Blu writes; Hello, I m Cerulean_Blu. I d like to know if are there any books on Brooks available. Biographies, etc. Well there s the Barry
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2001
      Cerulean Blu writes; Hello, I'm Cerulean_Blu. I'd
      like to know if are there any books on Brooks
      available. Biographies, etc.<br><br>Well there's the Barry
      Paris biography of Louise which was just re-released.
      There's Louise's own book "Lulu in Hollywood" a
      compilation of her articles written for various film
      magazines. In addition there's an Engish translation of the
      French book "Louise Brooks - Portrait of an Anti-Star",
      that may still be in print.<br><br>The Kevin Brownlow
      book "The Parade's Gone By..." includes a chapter on
      Louise among the collection of interviews of silent film
      pioneers. Kenneth Tynan's "Show People" includes a reprint
      of his New Yorker profile "The Girl in the Black
      Helmet". You may be able to find those two at your local
      library.Roddy MacDowell's "Double Exposure" features a chapter
      about Louise Brooks as does the Danny Peary book "Close
      Up". These are just few of the books in which Louise
      make a significant "appearance" of more than a page or
      paragraph. There are plenty of good Brooks books out there
      if you know to look forher in books on the following
      subtopics;<br>Ziegfeld Follies (she was a specialty dancer)<br>The
      Denishawn (dance) Company (Where she started her career.See
      also Martha Graham, Ruth St Denis, Ted
      Shawn.)<br>Biographies of her aquaintances/lovers like Charlie Chaplin
      (did him), Greta Garbo (her too) William Wellman
      (ditto) Tallulah Bankhead (3-way with an unknown black
      guy among others) George Marshall (his "Marshall
      plan" cost her the role of "Show Girl" which was based
      on her Dixie Dugan cartoon persona) William S. Paley
      (He liked her enough to give her an income for the
      rest of her life long after they'd broken up.) .......
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