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If you're going to be in Chicago anytime soon..

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  • olive_e_thomas
    Check out Lulu a Black & White Silent Play http://www.silenttheatre.com/ The Silent Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois is currently staging LULU at City
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2005
      Check out "Lulu a Black & White Silent Play"


      The Silent Theater Company in Chicago, Illinois is currently
      staging LULU at City Lit Theater, which is located at 1020 West
      Bryn Mawr in Chicago. Performances run Fridays and Saturdays
      at 10:30 pm and Sundays at 8:00 pm through December 18th,
      2005. Tickets are $15 and are available through the box office;
      call 773-544-1749.

      From the press release: "LULU marks the inaugural production
      for Silent Theater Company. This new company is dedicated to
      pushing the envelope and stretching the limits of what we
      conceive theatre to be today.Ê This production was originally
      produced as part of The Journeymen Theater Company's 2002
      season. It received critical success including being 'Highly
      recommended' by the Chicago Reader. Now, tonika todorova,
      artistic Director for Silent Theater Company, revisits her work.
      She states: 'The journey of this woman is as captivating as it is
      reflective on society and its attitude toward the amoral.'

      LULU is adapted from German playwright Frank Wedekind's
      1894 Lulu cycle Earth Spirit and Pandora's Box and follows the
      escapades of the unbearably sexy Lulu who causes many to
      destroy themselves while pursuing the maddening passion she

      LULU is beautiful, narcissistic and young. She is a woman who
      possesses a thrilling combination of powerful sexuality and
      candid innocence that has made her the object of ardent
      admiration since childhood. As Lulu passes through Berlin's
      high society, she exercises a cruel power over the many men
      and women who love her to the point of obsession, exploiting
      them before she herself can be used. But her beauty is cursed,
      and her power short-lived; it is she who will ultimately be
      destroyed by her lovers.

      LULU presents its story in complete silence. It takes the silent
      film genre, combined with German expressionism and portrays
      it on stage to accent with gesticulation and body language, what
      words sometimes fail to express. And on Christmas Eve, the
      concupiscent nature of Lulu reminds us that every man's desire
      to sin deserves to be answered. On Christmas Eve, Lulu finally
      gets her wish.

      LULU includes: Brendan Greenwood Balfe, Nicholas DuFloth,
      Lauren Ashley Fisher, Gillian Hastings, Curtis M. Jackson,
      Matthew Massaro, Al an Pelesi , Marvin Eduardo Quijada, Joe
      Vonderhaar and Kyla Louise Webb. Lighting design by:Ê Jennifer
      Larkin. Set design by: Rick Gleeson. LULU is directed by tonika
      todorova with original music by Isaiah Robinson."
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