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Re: At least Louise's home in Rochester appears to still be around...

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  • nutsaboutclara
    ... Hmm.....interesting. -Dario. ... passed
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 15, 2005
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      > Actually Rochester is a pretty nice city from the times I've
      > through there - which was last back in 1989. Since Kodak and
      > Xerox were the big industies there it got a lot of PHD types and
      > not too many of the heave 'smokestack' industries that blight
      > other places.
      > One of the boasts of Rochester is that it still has their 'mansion
      > avenue' - that street that used to be in every city where
      > millionaires in the boom period from 1870 to 1900 built their
      > homes. Most places saw their 'mansion avenues' developed
      > over as the downtown expanded. They'd usually end up getting
      > torn down for apartments, shops or factories - or remodeled into
      > the same.
      > If they survived into the 1960s some 'urban renewal' housing
      > project would wipe out the remainders. Cities like Milwaukee
      > Chicago and Detroit suffered through that in spades.
      > A lot of old mansion districts survive in other communities as
      > that street of doctors offices you see in just about every town.
      > Of course now that digital cameras have pretty much supplanted
      > film the area is suffering a lot which is a shame given how
      > Kodak did so much of the early development of digital camera
      > technology.
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      > >
      > > Hmm......Rochester, NY doesn't strike me as being a very
      > attractive
      > > place, from what that picture shows.
      > >
      > > -Dario.
      > >
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