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Any lawyer Brooks fans out there??

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  • dasimperator
    I was wondering what kind of case The People vs. Lulu Schoen would ve been if it were tried in the real world. I think the prosecuter should ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2000
      I was wondering what kind of case "The People vs.
      Lulu Schoen" would've been if it were tried in the
      real world.<br><br>I think the prosecuter should've
      offered a time served and probation deal as the evidence
      would've pretty much indicated a self defence or
      accidental homicide at best. (If the gun don't fit you must
      acquit!"<br><br>One would have to remember that a roomful of
      witnesses would've stated that his had possesion of the gun
      and was behaving erratically. <br>And that powder
      burns and fingerpints and whatever injuries Lulu
      would've sustained firing a gun with someone gripping the
      trigger hand would've bolster her side of the
      story.<br>Also no sane judge would've permitted a "Pandora's
      Box" conviction even under 1920's German
      law.<br><br>It would be fun to imagine the episode of "Cops"(in
      Berlin) or "Germany's Most Wanted" or "Deutscher Court
      TV" or "Unsolved Mysteries" you could build around
      this case.<br><br>Your thoughts?
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