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  • nutsaboutclara
    Hard to believe that she s been gone for that long. -Dario. ... first ... men s ... to ... skills ... heads ... Wichita. A ... into ... way ... 1923, ... and
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2005
      Hard to believe that she's been gone for that long.


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      > august 8th 1985 .....
      > Louise Brooks
      > Birth: Nov. 14, 1906
      > Cherryvale
      > Kansas, USA
      > Death: Aug. 8, 1985
      > Born Mary Louise Brooks on November 14, 1906 in Cherryvale, Kansas.
      > She was the second of four children. At age 4, Louise made her
      > public appearance, playing a pint-sized bride in a church benefit
      > production of Tom Thumb's Wedding. She was however, a very normal
      > child. She loved making mud pies and began taking dance lessons. By
      > the age of 10, Louise starting dancing at local fairs, theaters,
      > and women's clubs, and other gatherings in Kansas. At 11, she was
      > dancing on a regular basis, performing recitals and programs at the
      > Cherryvale Opera House. In 1919 at the age of 13, her family moved
      > Independence, Kansas. Louise continued to focus on her dancing
      > and with her bobbed hair and captivating looks, she was turning
      > at her high school. Soon after, she and her family moved to
      Wichita. A
      > pivotal point in her life occurred when her mother enrolled her
      > the famed Ruth Saint-Denis and Ted Shawn's dance school in New York
      > City. At 15, she left her native Kansas for New York. Louise was
      > ahead of the other dancers and performers of her generation. In
      > as the youngest dancer in her troupe, she toured the United States
      > Canada with Martha Graham and the Denishawn dancers by train and
      > played to a different town every night. By 1925, the Charleston
      > had swept the nation. During that year, Louise returned to New York
      > and became a member of the Zeigfield Follies. Also in 1925, she
      > a 5 year contract with Paramount Studios and appeared in her first
      > film, The Streets of Forgotten Men. In 1926, at the age of 20, she
      > featured as a flapper on the cover of A Social Celebrity magazine.
      > This launched her modeling and film career and introduced the
      > era. When talkies exploded onto the screen and Paramount used her
      > voice as an excuse to not give her a raise, she shocked the studio
      > system by walking out on her contract. Her seemingly effortless
      > incarnation of sensuality attracted the attention of German
      > G.W. Pabst who cast her as Lulu in the movie Pandora's Box(1929).
      > Pandora's Box has been hailed as a masterpiece of silent cinema. In
      > 1930 her return to the Hollywood that she so deeply rejected was
      > first step in her decline. After appearing in several B movie
      > she permenately abandoned the cinema world in 1938. She emerged in
      > 1950s-1970s as a respected, articulate historian and writer when a
      > revival of the silent film era opened in the film industry. in
      > three years before her death, she published Lulu In Hollywood, a
      > reflection on her career. Louise Brooks is still considered the
      > screen cult figure who brought the flapper girl image to life. She
      > still a major influence on women today. (bio by: Marta Monk)
      > Cause of death: Heart attack
      > Omd - Pandoras Box Lyrics
      > Born in kansas
      > On an ordinary plain
      > Ran to new york
      > But ran away from fame
      > Only seventeen
      > When all your dreams came true
      > But all you wanted
      > Was someone to undress you
      > And all the stars you kissed
      > Could never ease the pain
      > Still the grace remains
      > And though the face has changed
      > You�re still the same
      > And it�s a long long way
      > From where you want to be
      > And it�s a long long way
      > But you�re to blind to see
      > Frame of silence
      > Of an innocence divine
      > Is a dangerous creation
      > When you fail the test of time
      > And all the photographs
      > Of ghosts of long ago
      > Still they hurt you so
      > Won�t let you go
      > And you still don�t know
      > And it�s a long long way
      > From where you want to be
      > An it�s a long long way
      > But you�re to blind to see
      > When you look around yourself now
      > Do you recognize the girl
      > The one who broke a thousand hearts
      > Terrified the world
      > And all the stars you kissed
      > Could never ease the pain
      > And if the face has changed
      > The grace remains
      > And you�re still the same
      > And it�s a long long way
      > From where you want to be
      > An it�s a long long way
      > But you�re to blind to see....
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