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  • nutsaboutclara
    Hmm....that s a nice write up on Brooksie. But had she been still alive in 2005, she would have poo-pooed it as hog wash. -Dario. ... guess ... bobbed ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2005
      Hmm....that's a nice write up on Brooksie. But had she been still
      alive in 2005, she would have poo-pooed it as hog wash.


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      > Mute Beaut
      > Silent film actress Louise Brooks will be remembered this weekend at
      > Lulupalooza
      > Mike Ward
      > Thursday July 21, 2005
      > She's was only in 24 moviesÖsilent movies. Her most famous film was
      > German filmed in 1929.
      > We could give you the titles of all her movies, her hometown,
      > astrological symbol and favorite color, and you still might not
      > her name correctly.
      > But flash her picture one time and you'll likely recognize Louise
      > Brooks. As a '20s trendsetter, she was among the first to sport
      > hair. And paired with a sensual smirk and fiery sass, it was a look
      > and attitude that wasn't fully appreciated until years later.
      > "Her style, which was a lack of style really, wouldn't really come
      > into vogue for many decades," said Harry Kollatz Jr., one of the
      > organizers of Lulupalooza. The first-time, one-time event
      > the films and life of Brooks is taking place in Richmond this
      > through a collaboration of the Firehouse Theatre Project, Yellow
      > and Louise Brooks Society.
      > The festival includes the showing of nine of Brooks' flicks,
      > the lauded "Pandora's Box," which will play Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at
      > the Byrd Theater. In addition to films, there will be other eclectic
      > events, such as a staged reading of the Janet Munsil play "Smoking
      > with Lulu," which will be held Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Firehouse
      > Theatre and will be followed by a Q&A session with the cast and
      > True to its title, the play features smoke ñ lots of it ñ so check
      > your lungs at the door.
      > Kollatz said he was first struck by Brooks while thumbing through an
      > old book on classic film at the Chesterfield County Public Library,
      > when he came eye to eye with a famous shot of the actress holding up
      > pearls.
      > "It just burned itself on my consciousness," Kollatz said. "There
      > just something about her that I found compelling." When he rented
      > German flick "Pandora's Box," the tale of a dancer and prostitute
      > named Lulu (hence Lulupalooza), he was further enamored. "I was
      > totally captivated," Kollatz gushed.
      > Besides carousing with some very famous men - namely Charlie
      Chaplin -
      > Brooks lived a very un-Hollywood-like life, parlaying a career as a
      > dancer in the Ziegfield Follies into acting. The Kansas native was
      > only 32 when she left the scene, and soon afterward was working as a
      > salesgirl at Saks Fifth Avenue for just $40 a week. She was smart
      > sexy, a combination that led to an assortment of memorable quips,
      > as this one: "Most beautiful dumb girls think they are smart and get
      > away with it, because other people, on the whole, aren't much
      > smarter." Brooks died of a heart attack in 1985 at the age of 78.
      > Kollatz, who hopes to draw both film buffs and fans of Brooks, said
      > knows of guests coming from as far as Maryland, New York, the
      > Carolinas, Kansas and even Australia. As a performer, Brooks visited
      > Washington, D.C. and even Lynchburg, but probably not Richmond. "As
      > far as I know, Louise never came here." Kollatz said. "She was
      > probably on a train asleep going through Richmond, but she'll be
      > now, at least in spirit."
      > * Lulupalooza is being held July 23 ñ 24 with events at the
      > Theatre and Byrd Theatre. Admission to the entire festival is
      > A one-day pass is $17.50, and you can also pay for individual
      > Call (804) 355-2001 for more information.
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