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Louise Brooks event / booksigning

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  • thomasg1961
    BARRY PARIS -- reading & booksigning for Louise Brooks - November 14, 7 pm at The Booksmith (1644 Haight Street) in San Francisco Acclaimed
    Message 1 of 70 , Oct 28, 2000
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      BARRY PARIS<br>-- reading & booksigning for
      "Louise Brooks " - November 14, 7 pm<br>at The Booksmith
      (1644 Haight Street) in San Francisco<br><br>Acclaimed
      biographer Barry Paris will make a rare appearance (his only
      West Coast engagement) to speak about the long-awaited
      republication of "Louise Brooks" (paperback, $19.95). This is
      the book brought back into print through a
      groundswell of interest generated over the
      internet.<br><br>This special event takes place on what would have been
      the actress' 94th birthday. Also just out is the
      expanded edition of Louise Brooks' own "Lulu in Hollywood"
      (paperback, $19.95), which features a new introduction by
      Kenneth Tynan.<br><br>There will be a special raffle of
      Louise Brooks memorabilia for those in
      attendance.<br><br>Author events are free and located at our San Francisco
      store (1644 Haight Street in San Francisco, between
      Clayton & Cole). For further information, please call
      415-863-8688 or visit our award winning website at
    • dasimperator
      I ve had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don t mind too much. ;o) ����
      Message 70 of 70 , Dec 14, 2000
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        I've had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don't mind too much. ;o) <br>�
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