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  • dasimperator
    In case you haven t heard . . . . If you live in Northern California, don t miss the following special event . . . . BARRY PARIS -- author
    Message 1 of 70 , Nov 11, 2000
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      In case you haven't heard . . . .<br><br>If you
      live in Northern California, don't miss the following
      special <br>event . . . .<br><br>BARRY PARIS<br>-- author
      talk & booksigning for "Louise Brooks" - November 14,
      7 pm<br>at The Booksmith (1644 Haight Street) in
      San Francisco, California<br><br>Barry Paris will
      talk about his acclaimed biography and its subject -
      <br>the silent film star Louise Brooks. There will also
      be a small exhibit <br>of Brooks memorabilia, the
      showing or rare video clips, as well as a <br>door prize
      of Lulu goodies for those in attendance.
      <br><br>This event takes place on what would have been the
      actress' 94th <br>birthday - and is co-sponsored by the
      Louise Brooks Society. If you <br>live in Northern
      California, don't miss this "once-in-a-lifetime"
      <br>opportunity to meet Barry Paris. The author will be making
      his only <br>West Coast appearance at this special
      event! For further information, <br>please call
      415-863-8688 or 1-800-493-7323, or visit the Booksmith
      <br>website at www.booksmith.com<br><br>BARRY PARIS ON THE
      RADIO<br><br>On November 11th, Barry Paris will be a guest on
      "West Coast Live," a <br>syndicated radio show hosted
      by Sedge Thompson. The West Coast Live <br>website
      can be found at <a href=http://www.wcl.org target=new>http://www.wcl.org</a><br><br>Broadcast
      in the San Francisco Bay Area on KALW (91.7 FM), the
      show <br>can be heard Saturdays at 10 am and 8 pm
      (PST). West Coast Live can <br>also be heard on numerous
      public radio stations across the United <br>States. A
      complete listing of NPR stations which carry the show can
      be <br>found at
      <a href=http://www.Aquaphone.com/stations.html target=new>http://www.Aquaphone.com/stations.html</a> This page also has <br>information on <br>Public
      Broadcasting Overseas from NPR and PRI.<br><br>West Coast Live
      is also broadcast around the world on the American
      <br>Forces Network Europe. The Power Network airs West Coast
      Live each <br>Sunday afternoon at 1600 Central
      European Time. A list of the AFN <br>stations in Europe
      (including Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, <br>Hungary,
      Italy, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands and
      <br>Turkey) that carry West Coast Live can be found at
      <br><a href=http://www.Aquaphone.com/stations_afne.html target=new>http://www.Aquaphone.com/stations_afne.html</a><br><br>If you have your own satellite receiver, look for
      West Coast Live on <br>Saturday mornings on the Galaxy
      IV satellite, transponder 3, channels <br>13 (73.1
      MHz) and 14 (57.6 MHz) from 10:00 to 11:59
      PST.<br><br>Also, the NPR radio station WHYY-FM (<a href=http://whyy.org target=new>http://whyy.org</a>)
      does a simucast <br>on RealAudio during their Saturday
      evening broadcast, and within a few <br>days the program
      is placed in the West Coast Live RealAudio Archive
      <br>located at
      <a href=http://www.Aquaphone.com/realaudio_archive.html target=new>http://www.Aquaphone.com/realaudio_archive.html</a>
    • dasimperator
      I ve had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don t mind too much. ;o) ����
      Message 70 of 70 , Dec 14 3:27 AM
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        I've had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don't mind too much. ;o) <br>�
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