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What's Brooksie cookin'?

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  • dasimperator
    Try the Brooksie Bacon egg n cheese sammich Ingredients; 2 slices bacon 1 slice american cheese 1 egg 2 slices
    Message 1 of 70 , Nov 6, 2000
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      Try the Brooksie Bacon egg 'n cheese
      "sammich"<br><br>Ingredients;<br>2 slices bacon<br>1 slice american cheese<br>1
      egg<br>2 slices bread<br>salt<br>pepper<br>preheat cast
      iron skillet<br>Toast bread in toaster<br>put bacon in
      pan - cook<br>when theres enough fat from bacon to
      coat bottom of pan, put in egg<br>shove bacon to side
      of pan - keep cooking it<br>add salt and pepper to
      taste<br>when egg bottom has turned white flip egg<br>add
      cheese and turn off burner - let heat <br>"coast" the
      other side of egg.<br>remove toast from toaster<br>put
      egg and cheese on one piece of toast<br>put bacon
      slices on egg<br>cover with other slice of
      toast<br>slice in half - eat 'n enjoy!<br><br>From a friend of a
      friend who knew somebody who hung out with a friend of
      Brooksie's in Germany
    • dasimperator
      I ve had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don t mind too much. ;o) ����
      Message 70 of 70 , Dec 14, 2000
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        I've had a little fun with some of the captions. Hope you don't mind too much. ;o) <br>�
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