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  • savesuave
    found ya, louise fans, alright, she s my favorite screen celebrity/dancer/flapper/fantasy , to see the opening titles of the TCM documentary on her life last
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27 6:16 PM
      found ya, louise fans, alright, she's my favorite
      screen celebrity/dancer/flapper/fantasy , to see the
      opening titles of the TCM documentary on her life last
      week! I just started clapping and grinning, here was a
      soulmate, a heroe, I was in Rochester my hometown over
      Easter and went to her grave, its so modest when it
      should be elaborate , we know her talents, the fluid
      movement of her dancing remains unsurpassed, a woman whose
      history is a shadow of her abilities, silent films are
      treasures I am just beginning to explore, have yet to see
      any of Louise's films, surely Pandora is the one to
      begin with, I came through horror films , specifically
      Barbara Steele's, so if anyone gets off on dark haired
      powerful female images check out Steel in An Angel For
      Satan, that same sort of feral sexuality Lulu had, then
      check out Charlie Chaplin's genius on display in City
      Lights, the emotional brilliance and political criticism
      of the tramp as authentic human unable to sell out
      his feelings to the system even though it keeps him
      in poverty, yet it leads him to tender sharings and
      magical experiences no amount of money can buy, live from
      the heart was his message, and Louise spent 2 months
      in an affair with Chaplin when he came to NYC to
      premiere The Gold Rush, they must have mirrored each other
      and its interesting that it was at a time when he was
      at the height of his career, she was not below him
      in potential though she never used the hollywood
      machine when she got to the verge of making the
      transition to screen goddess a la Swanson, my regret is that
      I lived in ROchester when she was still alive but
      never knew , I was born there the year James Card of
      the Eastman House brought her there and where she
      would remain till her death 29 years later, my God to
      have known and visited her, but now with your help new
      insights into that life and perhaps a miracle, somehow to
      reach beyuond the grave and know she is present in all
      of you, in your interest in her, your love for her
      that has so many origins from your own connections and
      needs to lead you here, in a way to a home where she
      lives with us, speaks and dreams with us and where we
      will one day look up and be with her, for she is us in
      a way that we always wanted to be and experiencing
      her leads us closer to that sense of freedom , please
      send me your stories of how you discovered Louise, it
      is an honor to have found this group, blessings to
      all, goodnight!
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