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Re: A quarter century since Louise's passing

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  • nutsaboutclara
    Unbelievable, isn t it? -Dario.
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 11 12:47 PM
      Unbelievable, isn't it?


      --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, "das_imperator" <dasimperator@...> wrote:
      > Hard to believe time goes by like it does but it's been twenty-five years since she passed away.
      > Some last words from Brooksie..
      > "I had a lot of fun writing 'Marion Davies' Niece' [an article about Pepi Lederer], leaving the lesbian theme in question marks. All my life it has been fun for me.
      > When I am dead, I believe that film writers will fasten on the story that I am a lesbian... I have done lots to make it believable... All my women friends have been lesbians. But that is one point upon which I agree positively with Isherwood: There is no such thing as bisexuality. Ordinary people, although they may accommodate themselves for reason of whoring or marriage, are one-sexed. Out of curiosity, I had two affairs with girls – they did nothing for me."
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