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Internet Scam Alert!!!!

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  • dasimperator
    Tipoff to a ripoff! I received the following E-mail today from davidobi2000@justice.com via kawasakiracer@yahoo.com This is one of those scams
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2001
      Tipoff to a ripoff! I received the following
      E-mail today from <br>davidobi2000@... <br>via
      kawasakiracer@...<br><br>This is one of those scams regularly perpetrated by
      Nigerians on us "rich gullible" Americans. Keep a sharp eye
      out for a similar letter in your E-mail
      box<br><br><br>ATTN: THE MANAGING DIRECTOR<br><br>SIR,<br><br>REQUEST
      the preamble, apologize for any little embarrassment
      this my letter may intend to course you. I am Dr David
      Obi senior accountant in the foreign bills & payment
      department of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
      -NNPC, Lagos.<br><br>In one of the recently concluded
      auditing of the nation�s Apex Oil Industry, I was
      opportune to have discovered an astronomic discrepancies in
      an already awarded, executed and commissioned
      contracts of which the actual contract value had been paid
      to the original contractors leaving behind the sum
      of US$25 million dollars floating in the suspense
      account of the Central Bank Of Nigeria-CBN
      unclaimed.<br><br>However, I and my superior in the office have
      constructively consulted a well placed senior official in the
      Federal Ministry of Finance who authoritatively confided
      in us that this amount in question was accrued from
      over-inflated contract value already done. Therefore the three
      of us involved in this matter have unanimously
      agreed to wire this money into any foreign reliable
      account for investment purpose overseas. Please it is
      without prejudices that I have written for you to assist
      us achieve this objective without delay. Most
      importantly, this business will only hold on the following
      conditions: -<br><br>1. That this transaction must be kept
      100% secret.<br>2. That the bank account you would
      nominate must be sustainable and reliable enough to
      accommodate this Incoming fund.<br>3. That you must be
      trustworthy enough to inform us as soon as the funds hit your
      account to enable us Proceed for the shares.<br>4. That
      you shall be entitled to a certain commission agreed
      by all for your efforts.<br>5. That this money must
      not enter into any account where the incidence of
      taxation would take many tolls on it.<br>6. That
      arrangement must be made possible for us to meet face to face
      to ascertain ourselves with whom we are dealing
      with<br><br>Subject to the aforementioned six options and prior to
      your acceptance of this deal, you will be obliged to
      forward by mail the details of your banking particulars
      where this money could be wired. Also send me your
      private phone and fax lines for voice
      discussion.<br><br>My best regards,<br><br>Dr David Obi<br>Tel: 234
      �1-7751712<br>Fax: 234 1
      7591385<br><br><br><br><br><br><br>_________________________________________________<br>FindLaw - Free Case Law, Jobs, Library,
      Community<br><a href=http://www.FindLaw.com target=new>http://www.FindLaw.com</a><br>Get your FREE @...
      email!<br><a href=http://mail.Justice.com target=new>http://mail.Justice.com</a><br><br><br>----------------------- Headers
      --------------------------------<br>Return-Path: <davidobi2000@...><br>Received:
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      []) by air-xb02.mail.aol.com (v77_r1.21) with ESMTP;
      Wed, 07 Mar 2001 11:04:46 -0500<br>Received: from
      c014.sfo.cp.net (c014-h000.c014.sfo.cp.net []) by
      rly-xb04.mx.aol.com (v77_r1.21) with ESMTP; Wed, 07 Mar 2001 11:04:32
      -0500<br>Received: (cpmta 26876 invoked from network); 7 Mar 2001
      08:04:30 -0800<br>Date: 7 Mar 2001 08:04:30
      <20010307160430.26875.cpmta@...><br>X-Sent: 7 Mar 2001 16:04:30 GMT<br>Received: from
      [] by mail.justice.com with HTTP;<br> 07 Mar 2001
      08:04:30 PST<br>Content-Type:
      text/plain<br>Content-Disposition: inline<br>Mime-Version: 1.0<br>To:
      kawasakiracer@...<br>From: david obi
      <davidobi2000@...><br>X-Mailer: Web Mail<br>Subject: THE MANAGING
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