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  • spaneele59
    Dec 4, 2006
      Hello Group -
      I am a new member, and am really impressed with what I have seen of this group. I have
      never been a Yahoo group member before, but joined since I "met" Louise recently for the
      first time. Can it really be 100 years since she was born? I picked some of her movies at
      Barnes and Noble on DVD. There is an allegedly autographed photo on Ebay, although it is
      over $200 (ouch!). I received the Criterion set of Pandora yesterday, and have now watched
      it all. Of particular interest is the Lulu in Berlin lengthy interview apparently the year before
      she died, although the interviewer is a blowhard, our girl puts him in his place where at one
      point he interrupts her to ask a new question and she wryly says 'I'll tell you about that
      later after I finish my story!' What a woman!
      I am guessing you have all seen these things before, but to me it is all a wonderful new
      Thanks for Having this group!
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