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  • KD
    Feb 28, 2006

      It appears there maybe more photos coming to that site. Here's Helena's orignal post from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pixelsarchive/:

      From: "Helena Constantine"
      Date: Mon Feb 27, 2006  12:47 am
      Subject: Ziegfeld

      This interesting little site:

      allows one to upload unlimited images and store and view them at full size (among other things). I am going to post all of my Ziegfeld collection there (for a start ).
      While storage is unlimited, one may post only 150 images a month, of which I will give about 100 to the Ziegfelds. At that rate, it out to take about 6 or 7 months to put up the whole collection.
      The first 100 or so are there now, including a Vargas' portraits of Olive Thomas, and Johnston's portraits of Louis Brooks, and much besides.

      Helena Meretricula




      --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, "KD" <kdo4442000@...> wrote:
      > http://empousa.multiply.com/photos/album/3
      > http://empousa.multiply.com/photos/album/3
      > <http://empousa.multiply.com/photos/album/3>
      > Click on the thumbnails
      > Then click on the picture that opens up for the "full-sized" version
      > Home:
      > http://empousa.multiply.com/photos <http://empousa.multiply.com/photos>
      > Thanks to Helena @
      > pixelsarchive ยท pixels_archive
      > (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pixelsarchive/
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pixelsarchive/> )
      > and
      > AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art
      > (http://www.ameanet.org <http://www.ameanet.org> /
      > http://board.ameanet.org/board/ <http://board.ameanet.org/board/> )
      > Later,
      > KD

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