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  • harry_kollatz
    Sep 24, 2005
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      Howzabout that image of Pepi? To my eyes, she here demonstrates that
      kind of fashionable 1920s-1930s androgyny that Brooksie also keyed into. If
      you'll turn to your Good Book (that is, "Louise Brooks" by Barry Paris), which I
      have in original hardback (ahem--bought new back when I don't EVEN want
      to say), on page 235 are images of both Pepi and William Hanes, "Two of the
      leading "Younger Degenerates" at San Simeon." Pepi and William actually
      look alike, to me, both with shorter hair and high cheekbones and
      expressions of : "I know where the party is."
      But Pepi's eyes are quite striking and reminds me of an actress I know who
      has these blue grey eyes that when the stage lights hit them, or a settting sun,
      they glow like she's capable of emitting ray-beams.
      Still, here Pepi looks as though she's in on a joke: I'm all dressed up like a
      fashion plate, but I'm really not. It'd be interesting to know the circumstances of
      this photo. It's also a bit sad, knowing how she ended.
      As to adding to the coffers of the Coven's image bank: I'm not sure that I
      have anything that doesn't already exist here. I'll have to look. --HEK
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