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576Silent DVDs in UK High Street stores...

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  • stuartgroups
    Nov 11, 2004
      Hi all,

      As a pretty new and very enthusiastic convert to the world of
      silents I've been doing quite a bit of shopping in London for DVDs
      over the last week or so. I thought It might be useful to share with
      you what I consider are a few bargains that I found out on the high
      street. I'm pretty certain that the following DVDs will be available
      in the shops throughout the UK and not just in the London stores.

      HMV (Oxford Street)
      SUNRISE 2xDVD (Eureka)
      This is normally £22.95 but is part of the current "buy one get one
      free" offer, so you can pretty much get it for half price if you
      find another DVD on offer of similar cost - assuming of course that
      you find one that you actually want!
      I picked up my copy for £12.99 here which - amazingly for HMV - is
      cheaper than Amazon and BFI itself. Lovely film, beautiful actress
      (Anna May Wong) and with a wonderful score too!

      FOPP (1 Earlham Street, Covent Garden)
      This is a national chain of shops which has a store in Covent
      Garden, that is running a promotion called "Movie Masterclass" with
      a lot of nice DVDs for £10 and under. There's 5 Eisentstein DVDs for
      £7 each, "Nosferatu" (BFI) and "Faust" by Murnau at £10 & £7
      respectively and "Metropolis", "M", and "Testament of Dr Mabuse"
      (all 2xDVD) by Fritz Lang at £10 each. The website at www.fopp.co.uk
      lists the other directors and DVDs available in the promotion. A
      good shop to find other bargains in too if you're willing to look
      through the racks ("Birth of a Nation" and the 2xDVD of "Blue
      Angel" - both at £7).

      I know this isn't directly Louise-related, but I'm assuming most
      members are lovers of silent-era films and hope this might at least
      be of some interest / use to UK members of the group!