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519Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Does anyone have any Brookspix to share?

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  • dasimperator
    May 21, 2004
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      --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, Perri Lee Leuthard
      <cheaptrickaz@y...> wrote:
      > I will be off work for a couple of days starting Sunday. I will
      upload what I have. Everytime something like this happens I feel like
      never using yahoo services again. they are such gougers. Perri Lee

      They've actually been pretty good at addressing much of the group
      spamming problems. They fixed it so that items put in the clipboard
      are now deleted in a day - spammers would load their files and links
      to the clipboard so you'd see their crap first. They set up barriers
      to automated programs so that it'd be harder for them to join a rank
      of groups to post their spam.

      However they are creeping their way back into groups that don't select
      the option of moderating new members. Bundling files and photos
      together in the management section so that you can't just block files
      is about the only really serious shortcoming thus far.

      That and the fact that you get passworded way too often when going
      into the photosection. I've chosen once a day passwording but yahoo
      photos seems to hit me up for mine every 4 or 5 hours or so...
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