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433Re: Does anyone know how to set up streaming video?

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  • bluesbrother_one
    Feb 5, 2003
      A nice idea but I don't believe it's workable with your computer

      Part of my job is streaming live and recorded audio and video. In
      fact, I recently used the DVD of the documentary, "Looking For Lulu" as
      a test when I was setting up for a live event this past December. It
      was more than a week before the event so someone would have had to
      stumble upon the stream by accident. No one did so I don't believe I
      could have been accused of violation of copyright. Of course, working
      for an educational institution, I may have a bit more latitude in that
      area but I do take the issue very seriously and try not to be in
      violation of the copyright law.

      That brings me to a non-technical point about the possibility of
      streaming an LB movie. You may wish to check into the related
      copyright issues. I don't believe you'd be hassled by anyone in
      particular since the video quality wouldn't be that good and it would
      be difficult to copy the live stream effectively. Also, while I don't
      know your financial situation, I doubt it would be cost-effective for
      them to go after you (money, to be lost or gained, is a determining
      factor). Perhaps some of the LB films are public domain. I haven't
      researched the issue since I'm sending this response just as I've read
      the referenced message.

      On the technical side, your hardware is not up to sending a broadband
      video stream and it's doubtful that you could send a low speed modem
      version, either. The minimum configuration I've used for a "live"
      broadcast video stream, at modem data rates, is a 400 MHz G4. Now if
      you were to get one of those 1 GHz G4 17" widescreen iMacs, then you'd
      be onto something. That's the least expensive way to get that much
      power in a Mac configuration and it would work as a streaming server
      with the appropriate software. It's time to upgrade that system!

      I could go into more technical details about different broadcast
      configurations and hardware requirements but this message is already
      getting too long. I could check into what is possible with your
      hardware configuration but I don't believe you'd find the end result
      acceptable. I will tell you that a video digitized and optimized for
      streaming requires less powerful hardware than streaming "on the fly".

      Please let me know if you want more information.
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