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272Re: Well the Yahoo Screw-Merge has finally happened

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  • olive_e_thomas
    Mar 19, 2002
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      > > hear MSN has these sort of groups in a less pesky way. I
      don't know
      > if
      > > you have to sign up for it...

      Well I just put up a web chat group on MSN and there aren't any
      pop-ups but you have to use their stupid 'Passport' system.
      Leave to Microsoft to come up with the most bloated unwieldy
      way to solve a simple problem of logging-in. You can't choose to
      be remembered (like if you're the only one using your computer
      and don't want to have to log un alll the time) and every half day
      or so you have to re-join your own damned club - those brains in
      their infinate wisdom don't have a properly labeled log-in button
      just a 'join now' button - all nice and counter-intuitive.
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