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1199[The New Coven of Louise Brooks] when in London

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  • Peter
    Oct 6, 2008
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      For anyone who is close to London any time soon:

      The BFI is celebrating its 75th birthday and to mark that they have a
      small exhibit at BFI Southbank, above the boxoffice to be exact, with
      some interesting items from those 75 years.

      One of the display cases shows some correspondence from famous people.

      A major corner of it has some letters of Louise Brooks. It would seem
      she was a frequent writer to the editor.
      On display are two of her autographed handwritten letters and envelopes.
      One of the letters was sent on Valentines Day and consists of a giant
      red penciled heart and some written text.

      I tried making photos but the reflection messed up most of those. Some
      look a bit ok-ish though so not all is lost.

      The exhibit lasts until 2 november I believe, so kinda.. hurry I suppose.


      If it doesn't work out, let me know and I can see if one of the photos
      can be salvaged sufficiently to put online.
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