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1180Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Anniversary

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  • Peter
    Aug 15, 2008
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      nutsaboutclara wrote:
      > I wonder if today's film buffs know anything about Carole Lombard for
      > there to be any interest in her centennial?
      Well probably with the real fans and I suppose with the DVD vendors.
      There is already one 6-dvd pack available for her and with some luck
      they will indeed release a CE set within the near future.
      I have been counting and make it at least 12 DVDs that I have starring CL.
      I made a quick 1st draft preview of the DVD case, you can have a look at
      it over at my place:
      *thetwilight zone.xs4all.nl/dvdpreviews*
      Don't forget to remove the inserted space.
      Its not exactly a full blown web page, just a short file listing so
      don't expect flash animations or stuff like that :)

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