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1174Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Anniversary

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  • Peter
    Aug 10, 2008
      olive_e_thomas wrote:
      > One of the advantages of a Yahoo Group is you get a lot of
      > archive space for photographs so even 'dead' groups have their
      > place.
      thats true. But the internet is quite big and there are a lot of
      websites around for her.
      Shouldn't be too hard to find a good place for those.
      > Often I think people start a group and after a while lose interest
      > in the subject if no sort of critical mass is reached where the
      > members keep up the interest.
      That would seem to be the case, yes. I see lots of groups with less then
      5 members. before I paid attention to that fact I subscribed to one and
      the other day I noticed that the group had one active member. That would
      be me then. So.. Byee.

      > Or maybe the internet is changing and this sort of forum is out of
      > style.
      I can't imagine why it would. At least not for me the older generation
      perhaps; I have been subscribing to various mailing lists over the past
      decade and that has changed to yahoo groups over time. Some might
      remember Topica.com.
      With all that I can't imagine myself going all over the net trying to
      keep up with a lot of websites when I can have all the stuff delivered
      into one mailbox.
      It was only recently that I created a Yahoo account just for the access
      to a file section. Which turned out to be a bit of a disappointment but
      thats beside the point.

      > In the case of the Louise Brooks Society's Yahoo Group, it
      > seems their Live Journal 'blog' gets more of the creative attention
      > which is a shame because you can share photos and files a lot
      > easier here.
      Things seem to focus on blogs these days. Scattering of information
      doesn't help making it easy to find.
      > When this was just the 'Coven' of Louise Brooks
      > there were short movie clips loaded to the files section.
      I suppose that bit of the action 'went' to youtube.

      > Unfortunately that site got deleted accidentally by a co-moderator
      > back in 2000 - hence the 'New Coven' label.
      Oh, drats. And no one made a backup of it I guess.

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