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1173Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Anniversary

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  • olive_e_thomas
    Aug 10, 2008
      One of the advantages of a Yahoo Group is you get a lot of
      archive space for photographs so even 'dead' groups have their

      Often I think people start a group and after a while lose interest
      in the subject if no sort of critical mass is reached where the
      members keep up the interest.

      Or maybe the internet is changing and this sort of forum is out of

      In the case of the Louise Brooks Society's Yahoo Group, it
      seems their Live Journal 'blog' gets more of the creative attention
      which is a shame because you can share photos and files a lot
      easier here. When this was just the 'Coven' of Louise Brooks
      there were short movie clips loaded to the files section.
      Unfortunately that site got deleted accidentally by a co-moderator
      back in 2000 - hence the 'New Coven' label.

      --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, Peter
      <twilight@...> wrote:
      > olive_e_thomas wrote:
      > > There are a little over 150 active members on our rolls and 8
      > > more that Yahoo lists as "Bouncing".
      > >
      > ah. I went over a ton of groups a while ago and found several to
      my likings.
      > Unfortunately most of them appear to be as dead as a door
      > Maybe Y should do some house keeping on the lot. Weed out
      a few 1000
      > groups that have no members or zero flow.
      > Makes it easier for people to find interesting groups that do
      > > The Yahoo Group attached to the Louise Brooks Society has
      > > over 1400 members but there hasn't been a posting there
      > > 2006
      > >
      > A dead group then, you'd expect at least someone on that one
      to have a
      > thought of some sort regarding her.
      > But not a single post in 2 years is not a good sign.
      > > Lulu in Cyberspace has about 230 members but their last
      > > posting was over a year ago.
      > >
      > I was subscribed to that one as well. Not a single message
      indeed so I
      > dropped that one pretty quick.
      > Several others supposedly had a moderate flow but those
      turned out to be
      > spam mails only.
      > I have a zero tolerance for that, whenever I connect to a group
      and the
      > first message I get turns out to be spam I unsubscribe
      > One group even has the moderator spamming the moment
      you sign on: he
      > then sends out two messages to you personally pushing the
      thoughts of
      > some money hungry preacher on you. A minute after the
      > message went out two identical messages arrived. What a
      > > So there's a bunch of Brooksfans out there...
      > >
      > >
      > Oh. no doubt about that but they are all so quiet. Same with the
      > Harlow group though and I can understand the reason but its a
      > frustrating to see tons of groups with lots of members and zero
      > Even the newsgroups remain empty.
      > But I do see a recurring fact, lost of those are about classic
      > stars and although there are a lot of devoted fans around for
      them, they
      > have little to say which might be because most of the 'subjects'
      > passed on.
      > Closed book so to speak.
      > Still.
      > She's at #145 when searching for "Brooks" on the IMDB.
      > Her starmeter there went up 10% since last week. I have no
      > subscription but would be interested to know why and how that
      > actually works.
      > The message board on imdb is relatively active, 5 pages of
      posts, thats
      > not too bad I guess.
      > Has anyone seen that Lulu in Belin docu once ?
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