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1172Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Anniversary

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  • Peter
    Aug 10, 2008
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      olive_e_thomas wrote:
      > There are a little over 150 active members on our rolls and 8
      > more that Yahoo lists as "Bouncing".
      ah. I went over a ton of groups a while ago and found several to my likings.
      Unfortunately most of them appear to be as dead as a door nail.
      Maybe Y should do some house keeping on the lot. Weed out a few 1000
      groups that have no members or zero flow.
      Makes it easier for people to find interesting groups that do work.
      > The Yahoo Group attached to the Louise Brooks Society has
      > over 1400 members but there hasn't been a posting there since
      > 2006
      A dead group then, you'd expect at least someone on that one to have a
      thought of some sort regarding her.
      But not a single post in 2 years is not a good sign.
      > Lulu in Cyberspace has about 230 members but their last
      > posting was over a year ago.
      I was subscribed to that one as well. Not a single message indeed so I
      dropped that one pretty quick.
      Several others supposedly had a moderate flow but those turned out to be
      spam mails only.
      I have a zero tolerance for that, whenever I connect to a group and the
      first message I get turns out to be spam I unsubscribe immediately.
      One group even has the moderator spamming the moment you sign on: he
      then sends out two messages to you personally pushing the thoughts of
      some money hungry preacher on you. A minute after the unsubscribe
      message went out two identical messages arrived. What a nerd.

      > So there's a bunch of Brooksfans out there...
      Oh. no doubt about that but they are all so quiet. Same with the Jean
      Harlow group though and I can understand the reason but its a bit
      frustrating to see tons of groups with lots of members and zero flow.
      Even the newsgroups remain empty.

      But I do see a recurring fact, lost of those are about classic movie
      stars and although there are a lot of devoted fans around for them, they
      have little to say which might be because most of the 'subjects' have
      passed on.
      Closed book so to speak.


      She's at #145 when searching for "Brooks" on the IMDB.
      Her starmeter there went up 10% since last week. I have no pro
      subscription but would be interested to know why and how that meter
      actually works.
      The message board on imdb is relatively active, 5 pages of posts, thats
      not too bad I guess.

      Has anyone seen that Lulu in Belin docu once ?
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