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1100"God's Gift to Women"

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  • Chuck Golden
    Oct 29, 2007
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      Hi, folks.

      I just watched "God's Gift to Women" for the first time and one thing
      really struck me. Louise played her role with her hair combed back but
      with the side curls. Many of the party girls and flibertygibets wore
      their black hair in the classic Brooks bob, bangs and all. Has anybody
      heard Louise comment on this? What she thought about it, what she
      felt, etc.? To my way of thinking, this had to be at least a mild slap
      for her in that the loose girls were still wearing the trademark
      hairstyle that made her famous, and which defined the twenties in many
      ways, and now she herself was relegated to playing a minor role in this
      silly little film, in a rather unremarkable and unflattering hairstyle.
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