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1070Re: [The New Coven of Louise Brooks] Psychological Profile?

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  • Perri Lee
    May 7, 2007
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      I still beleive that the reason she did not publish was some how tied to the twisted religious moral thing. It is why I feel she did not write and it still is the same thing and reason why people and persons hold themselves back today. But of course this is getting to be too large of a subject for this group. thanks

      Chuck Golden <bagnoli2@...> wrote: Perri Lee,

      She said several times that one of the reasons she wouldn't publish
      her biography was that to do it properly would mean spilling all the
      sexual beans and that she had concerns about what this could
      potentially do to influence young girls. She admitted to her priest
      in the mid-50s that when she read about drinking she wanted a drink
      and when she read about sex she got excited. So she opted not to
      publish her memoirs out of concern for impressionable young women.
      On the one hand, she wouldn't renounce her lifestyle (standing toe-to-
      toe with her priest), on the other hand she was concerned about
      having young girls see her habits and lifestyle as desirable and
      exciting. Therein lies one of the many apparant contradictions of
      Louise Brooks. In fact, it's not so much a contradiction as a proof
      of her brutal, flint-like honesty. I am what I am, I don't plan on
      being anything but what I am, and you don't want to be what I am.

      I'm not sure what you mean about the "twisted religions beliefs of
      her region and her day". The only periods in her life where religion
      was mentioned was a very short period in her mid-teens when she
      attended a Protestant church (in Wichita and staying just long enough
      to evidently have a fling with an older man in the church before
      moving to Manhatten), and for ten years as a Catholic between 1954
      and 1964 in New York. I certainly don't see either of them as being
      twisted in either location. Except for the Catholic period, I think
      Louise's attitude towards religion was ambivalence rather than
      antagonism. Interestingly, despite her declaring that she left the
      Church in 1964, when she died one of the few things of note in her
      little apartment was a crucifix at the end of her bed. I think she
      had a statue of the Virgin on her dresser as well. If she saw the
      religious beliefs of her day as twisted she never hinted at that


      --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, Perri Lee
      <cheaptrickaz@...> wrote:
      > I have to add one more thing to all of this. I think she did not
      want to publish her own bio or let anyone else do it because of all
      the escapades she was involved in aka party girl. I think this was
      also mixed with the twisted religious beliefs of her region and her
      day. Perri Lee
      > Chuck Golden <bagnoli2@...> wrote: I think you've hit on
      one of THE major aspects of her personality. All
      > through the Paris bio, especially towards the end, it's evident
      > she had to be in control - not so much in control of the people but
      > control of the situation. Ken Tynan wrote the blockbuster
      piece "The
      > Girl in the Black Helmet" for the New Yorker which shot her back to
      > top of the public consciousness. Not long afterwards, she got word
      > from him that he'd been out on the West Coast discussing (without
      > knowing it) a bio-pic with a major Hollywood director. She went
      > ballistic, refused any thought of letting the film be done (despite
      > increased fame and money), and cut Ken Tynan off forever. She
      > excoriated him for having the temerity of discussing a project that
      > involved her behind her back. The evident botton line is that she
      > wouldn't agree to putting herself and her story in a situation
      > she couldn't be 100% in control of it.
      > Now, as to why she was so much that way... any psycologists out
      > Certainly, she was her mother's daughter and the apple seldom falls
      > from the tree. But she was far too complex for it to be something
      > simple as that.
      > --- In thenewcovenoflouisebrooks@yahoogroups.com, olive_e_thomas
      > <no_reply@> wrote:
      > >
      > > The way I look at it she was more concerned about the loss of
      > > personal control. Like if Oprah had tried to put her book in her
      > > book club Louise would likely refuse on the grounds any
      > > success would "belong" to Oprah and not to her...
      > >
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