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2011 Iowa Summer Writing Festival Preview - In case we can entice you to the midwest!

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  • Meg Evonne
    2011 Iowa Summer Writing Festival Preview - In case we can entice you to the Midwest! Summer Classes posted. ... From: UI Center for Conferences
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      2011 Iowa Summer Writing Festival Preview - In case we can entice you to the Midwest!  Summer Classes posted.

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      December, 2010


      Dear Friends,


      Season’s Greetings from the Iowa Summer Writing Festival. Here in Iowa City, we’re laying in provisions for a winter storm, as others have across the map.  These include the basics, of course: canned goods, dried beans, cords of firewood; and, much more, the essentials: printer paper, ink cartridges, and flash drives to back up our work in case we lose power.  Somewhere we’ve stashed pencils and pens and tablet paper even, in case circumstances grow dire.  In Iowa City and among writers everywhere, we call a disaster that brings traffic to a stop and pulls down the phone lines paradise. For us, when the city shuts down, the action only just gets started. We hope your work is heating up, too, wherever you’re writing and in whatever climate you find yourself. To give you more to write toward, we include below a preview of the 2011 Festival. This year we celebrate our 25th annual gathering, and we plan to make it legendary.  We hope you’re able to join us.


      One of our very favorite ways to welcome the new writing year is by announcing some of our previous participants’ recent publications and successes:


      Patrick Cook’s story “This Is How We Do Things at the Post Office” was published as a chapbook by Blue Cubicle Press as part of their Overtime series.  Excerpts from Susan Cole’s memoir-in-progress appeared in two publications: “Getting My Feet Wet” in Mary magazine and “Returning to the Land of Rules” in Living Abroad.  Richard Lee Harris published his poetry collection Reimagine, Poems: 1993-2009.  Dennis Maulsby’s poem “Isle Royale Hunted,” which appeared in The Briar Cliff Review, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  David Penhale’s first novel is due out from Cormorant Books in fall, 2011. Marc Rahe’s collection of poems, The Smaller Half, was published by Rescue Press.  An excerpt entitled “Savage Love at Beth Israel” from Lynn Shapiro’s memoir-in-progress appeared in the fall issue of Fifth Wednesday Journal; the piece has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  Jill Hathaway’s debut novel, Slide, will be released from Balzer & Bray in 2012.


      Congratulations to these writers, as well as any others (let us know!) who have received good news this year.


      The Center for Media Production is currently compiling submissions for our 2010 Iowa Summer Writing Festival Anthology.  When the anthology is completed and available for purchase, we’ll post a link to Media Production on our Festival webpage: www.uiowa.edu/~iswfest.


      Registration for Festival classes will begin in mid-February, once the print catalogue is in the mail and the 2011 schedule is posted on our webpage.  We are not able to accept registrations until that time, but do submit your registration as soon as you receive the catalogue or see the update online, as classes fill up quickly and on a first-come, first-served basis.  This year you will be able to register online, as well as by phone, fax, and post.


      The Iowa Summer Writing Festival is now on Facebook!  Visit us and post your photos from summer, your favorite lines, your dispatches, your two cents’ worth.  All are welcome.


      We wish you a brilliant new year, full of light and as many pages as it takes.  We look forward to seeing you in Iowa City in summer.


      Happy Holidays,


      Amy, Jeanne, Kate, and Caryl





      2011 Iowa Summer Writing Festival Preview of Courses





      One Week Workshops June 12-17


      This Duck Walks into a Bar: Writing Humor                                                              Kate Aspengren

      Advanced Novel: Stretching the Scene                                                                       Kyle Beachy

      Newspaper Columns and Op-Eds: Spinning the Personal Essay                                Linda Bendorf

      Playwriting 101: For the Beginner                                                                               Maggie Conroy

      Writing Literate Mystery Novels                                                                                 Michelle Falkoff

      Shaping Strategies: How To Create Your Essay                                                          Patricia Foster

      Poetry: Raising and Lowering Your Standards                                                            Douglas Goetsch

      Short Fiction Workshop                                                                                              Rick Hillis

      Cross Genre Workshop for Poets & Writers                                                                Richard Jackson

      All Purpose, Hard-Drivin’ Fiction Toolbox: A Generative Workshop for Writers      Wayne Johnson

      Get Lost! Fiction without Formula                                                                             BK Loren

      The First Novel Primer                                                                                               Sandra Scofield

      Who Do You Think You Are? Enlarging the Scope of the Memoir                            Peter Trachtenberg



      Weekend Workshops June 18-19


      Even Shorter Short Fiction                                                                                         Kyle Beachy

      Jumpstart Your Creative Genius: Reclaiming the Writer Within                                 Linda Bendorf

      Fiction Writing As Persuasion                                                                                     Michelle Falkoff

      Look Who’s Talking: 1st Person Workout                                                                  Cecile Goding

      Free-Writing Intensive—A Generative Workshop for All Levels, All Genres            Douglas Goetsch

      The Hero’s Journey and Mythic Structure                                                                   Megan Gogerty

      Showing & Telling: The Effective Use of Detail                                                         Sands Hall

      From Prose to Poetry, Back and Beyond: Transforming and Transcending Genre      Christine Hemp

      Writing a Story in a Day                                                                                              Rick Hillis

      Writing and Publishing the Personal Essay                                                                 Rebecca Johns

      Word Yoga                                                                                                                  BK Loren

      Memoir Toolbox: Nuts & Bolts, Shovels, Where to Dig                                             June Melby

      Song of Myself (& You & Us & Them): Pronouns, Persona, and Poems                    Michael Morse

      Openings: Fiction and Nonfiction                                                                               Marc Nieson

      Seriously Funny: Why the Pain of Existence is Hilarious, and Other Inquiries

      into the Power of Humor in Fiction                                                                Vinnie Wilhelm

      Non-Artificial Respiration: Breathing Life into Your Characters                                Bart Yates



      One-Week Workshops June 19-24


      Playwrights Workshop                                                                                                 Kate Aspengren

      Crafting the Irrational Element in Poetry                                                                    James Allen Hall

      Novel—The Next Draft                                                                                              Sands Hall

      Writing To Be Heard: Nonfiction for the Audience with a Short Attention Span       Christine Hemp

      Advanced Novel Workshop                                                                                        Rebecca Johns

      Novel Solutions                                                                                                           Wayne Johnson

      Take Five: Fiction Writing Workshop                                                                         Malinda McCollum

      Presence and Presents (A Short Course in Attention)                                                 Michael Morse

      Memoir: On Self & Society                                                                                         Marc Nieson

      Short Story Exercises                                                                                                  Mark Jude Poirier

      Writing As Meditative Practice                                                                                   Elizabeth Robinson

      Fashioning a Self: An Introduction to the Art of Autobiography                                Sandra Scofield

      Making a Scene—Restoring Drama to the Work of Creative Nonfiction                    Peter Trachtenberg

      The First Three Pages: What a Fiction Editor Sees                                                     Anthony Varallo



      Weekend Workshops June 25-26


      Writing Mind: Using Mindfulness As a Tool for Writing                                             Mary Allen

      Necessary Lies: The Freedom to Invent in Creative Nonfiction                                 Timothy Bascom

      Building Character from the Inside Out                                                                      Karen Bender

      Writing a Book Proposal                                                                                             Venise Berry

      Life Stories: Writing & Publishing the Short Narrative Essay                                     Eric Goodman

      The Loaded Conversation: Writing Effective Dialogue                                              Jim Heynen

      Telling the Tale: A Nonfiction Workshop                                                                   Wayne Johnson

      Shaping the Truth: Fictional Structure for Memoir Writers                                         Fritz Mc Donald

      Beyond Their Years: Writing Child Protagonists                                                         Malinda McCollum

      Writing the Weekend Short Story                                                                                Gordon Mennenga

      What We Love about Like: Simile and Metaphor, Image and Idea                             Michael Morse

      Sourcing Snapshots: From Image to Word                                                                  Marc Nieson

      The Fragment                                                                                                              Elizabeth Robinson

      Slapdash-Mishmash Haberdashery Hash, or Just Write It—

      Something for Most Writers                                                                            Karen Subach

      The Wild Essay                                                                                                           Peter Trachtenberg

      The 500-Word Story: A Writer’s Weekend                                                                  Anthony Varallo



      One-Week Workshops June 26-July 1


      Larger Than Life: Memoirs That Shed Light on More Than the Self                           Timothy Bascom

      Finding Your Story                                                                                                      Karen Bender

      The Dream That Wants To Be Remembered: Advanced Poetry                                 Michael Dennis Browne

      Finding the Story in Your Life: Using Narrative in Memoir Writing                            Thomas K. Dean

      The First Twenty Pages: Writing/Marketing the Beginning of Your Novel/Memoir  Eric Goodman

      Writing Our Lyric Truths: A Creative Nonfiction Workshop                                      James Allen Hall

      Short-Short Forms in Fiction and Nonfiction                                                              Jim Heynen

      Advanced Novel Workshop                                                                                        Jeremy Jackson

      The Writing Group: A Short Story Workshop                                                             Malinda McCollum

      Beginning the Novel                                                                                                    Gordon Mennenga

      Dowsing the Sacred Cockroach: A Poetry Workshop                                                 Karen Subach

      On with the Show: Writing Short Story Scenes                                                           Anthony Varallo

      Joy, Recollected: Memoir, Essay, Creative Nonfiction                                                Kris Vervaecke



      One-Week Workshops July 10-15


      Rites of Passage: Writing about Coming-of-Age                                                          Kate Aspengren

      Writing through Medical Mysteries                                                                              Nancy K. Barry

      Powerful Plots: Understanding Story & Structure in Novel Writing                            Venise Berry

      Advanced Novel Workshop                                                                                        John Dalton

      Advanced Fiction Workshop                                                                                       Hugh Ferrer

      Middle of the Novel Doldrums: How to Get Your Manuscript over the Hump          Jeremy Jackson

      The Method of Madness: An Advanced Poetry Workshop                                         Daniel Khalastchi

      Humor Writing Workshop: Pushing It Further, Putting It out There                          June Melby

      Put and Take: Editing Prose for Publication                                                               Gordon Mennenga

      The Nuts and Bolts Method to Writing a Novel                                                         Leslie Schwartz

      The Allure of the Actual: Introduction to Creative Nonfiction                                   Carol Spindel

      I Confess: New Approaches to the Confessional Impulse in Poetry                           Nicholas Twemlow

      What’s Not To Write About? Prose Prompts from 1986-2011                                   Kris Vervaecke



      Weekend Workshops July 16-17


      Thickening the Plot with the Given, the Borrowed, and the Brainstormed                 Thomas Fox Averill

      Short Story Workshop                                                                                                 Jonathan Blum

      Storytelling and Time                                                                                                  Susan Taylor Chehak

      Novel Craft: Essential Knowledge for Developing Your Novel                                 John Dalton

      Creating a Cast of Characters                                                                                      Hugh Ferrer

      Transforming Memories into Children’s Stories: Beginning Writers at Play                Cheryl Fusco Johnson

      Betting on the Muse: A Poetry Workshop                                                                   Daniel Khalastchi

      Strategies for Revision                                                                                                 Carolyn Lieberg

      Shaping the Truth: Fictional Structure for Memoir Writers                                         Fritz Mc Donald

      A Story’s Smallest Units: The Art of the Sentence, the Music of Words                     Madeline McDonnell

      Writing Wild: Exercises in Fictional Voice                                                                  Gordon Mennenga

      The War against Cliché: Going from Rote to Rigorous in Memoir                              Sarah Saffian

      Idea Zoo: A Two-Day Guide to Coming Up with Story Starters

      for the Rest of Your Life                                                                                 Vinnie Wilhelm

      The “Show” Must Go On: Exercises in Description                                                   Bart Yates



      One Week Workshops July 17-22


      Encounters with Ourselves: Writing a Spiritual Autobiography                                  Mary Allen

      Stuck in the Middle with Nonfiction Form                                                                 Nancy K. Barry

      Characterization in Fiction: The Mystery of Personality                                             Jonathan Blum

      Advanced Novel                                                                                                         Susan Taylor Chehak

      Briefly Put: Writing the Short-Short Essay                                                                  Cecile Goding

      Novel Fundamentals                                                                                                   Charles Holdefer

      Away with Words                                                                                                        Carolyn Lieberg

      Five Finger Exercise for Novels and Short Stories                                                      Sharelle B. Moranville

      Short Story Workshop                                                                                                 Andrew Porter

      “Get Over Yourself!” Achieving the Universal in Memoir                                          Sarah Saffian

      Fearless Fiction: Techniques for Ongoing Creativity                                                  Leslie Schwartz

      Research and the Novel                                                                                              Mary Helen Stefaniak

      Making It New Again and Again: Radical Revisions of the Poem                               Nicholas Twemlow



      Weekend Workshops July 23-24


      The Seven Basic Plots                                                                                                 Susan Taylor Chehak

      Discovering Your Story: Short Fiction Workshop                                                       Amber Dermont

      Picture Book Revision for Non-Celebrities                                                                 Jill Esbaum

      Writing and Publishing the Personal Essay                                                                 Rebecca Johns

      Junk Journaling    

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