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  • Henry Ekwuruke
    Development Generation Africa International (DGAi) #189b Aguiyi Ironsi Crescent, Umuahia, Abia State – Nigeria Email: developmentafrica1@gmail.com Telephone:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
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      Development Generation Africa International (DGAi)
      #189b Aguiyi Ironsi Crescent, Umuahia, Abia State – Nigeria
      Email: developmentafrica1@...
      Telephone: +2348025249923

      Project Name: “THE AFRICAN YOUTH SPEAKS!”

      Development Generation Africa International (DGAi) would launch its maiden publication tagged: “THE AFRICAN YOUTH SPEAKS!”

      It is a combination of what THE AFRICAN YOUTH! Say about issues of concern to his/her daily lives and about the challenges that THE AFRICAN YOUTH faces and how he thinks her can overcome them, with or without government?

      The 10 questions demand answers from the AFRICAN YOUTH who believe he/she can and has something to offer the continent.


      It is about destiny AFRICA
      It is about development AFRICA
      It is about leadership AFRICA
      It is about THE AFRICA YOUTH

      To participate:


      Participants are expected to be an AFRICAN YOUTH of any nationality (living in AFRICA or in the Diaspora) or of AFRICAN origin. sEND back the answers with a brief bio and photograph of yourself to the publishers.
      Age: Participants are expected to at the time of participation to be in the age bracket of 15 – 30 years old. Participation is free.


      1. What do you say on Africa and the HIV/AIDS Challenge?
      2. Do you believe our identity and culture is development?
      3. What do you say about Africa and the Digital Divide?
      4. Do you think AFRICA can on Globalization and Corruption?
      5. What is your Millennium Development Goals (MDG) definition?
      6. Do you think a women right is respected in Africa and what?
      7. What is Conflict, Peace and unemployment to you?
      8. Can you be a better President or Representative of your people?
      9. What is your greatest challenge as an AFRICAN YOUTH?
      10. How can you solve the Problems identified?


      Participants would be profiled in the Publication Tagged “THE AFRICAN YOUTH SPEAKS!” and published on the internet and on print.
      Participants would get a copy of the publication
      The best three selected profiles would get gifts from Development Generation Africa International (DGAi)
      Promote Understanding and education.


      Henry Ekwuruke or Yinka Suleiman
      Development Generation Africa International
      Email: developmentafrica1@...
      Tel: +2348025249923

      Thank you.

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