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EVENTS: Scandinavian Kids Stuff In Helsinki

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  • YPMN - Chris Schuepp
    Scandinavian Kids Stuff In Helsinki Helsinki is going to host on November 15 and 16 the Scandinavian Children s Film Seminar ‘Kids Stuff organised in the
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      Scandinavian Kids Stuff In Helsinki

      Helsinki is going to host on November 15 and 16 the Scandinavian
      Children's Film Seminar ‘Kids Stuff' organised in the footsteps of "Time
      after Terkel."

      During the two day event, there will be six sessions with key speakers
      who will be discussing the making, producing, financing and
      international sales of Scandinavian children's films.

      On November 15, following a welcome speach by Irina Krohn, managing
      director of the Finnish Film Foundation (FFF), Günther Kinstler,
      director of the Lucas Film Festival in Frankfurt will talk about ‘Where
      does the Scandinavian children's film stand in the festival scene?' and
      ‘What characterizes a Scandinavian film?' Tine Klint, sales executive at
      Nordisk Film International Sales will provide her valuable input on ‘How
      do Scandinavian films stand out in the eyes of the international sales
      agent' and ‘How do you sell an arthouse children's film?'

      The panel discussions will be followed by the preview of the Finnish
      children's film /Christmas Story/ directed and produced by Juha
      Wuolijoki (Snapper Film) set to open nationwide in Finland on November
      16 through Sandrew Metronome Finland.

      The second day seminar will focus on the financing of children's films.
      The role of Children's films consultants will be discussed by Nordic
      film consultants Petri Kempinen, Piodor Gustafsson, Lena
      Hansson-Verhegyi and Thomas Kragh.

      Riina Sildos, producer of the successful Estonian animated film /Lotte
      in Gadgetville/ will also be on hand to talk about her own experience on
      the film and what Scandinavian professionals can learn from it.

      Kid Stuff? is organized by The FFF in co-operation with Scandinavian
      Films and UIAH / School of Motion Picture, Television and Production
      Design & Media Centre Lume.

      SOURCE: http://www.nordiskfilmogtvfond.com/index.php?sid=14&ptid=7
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