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OPPORTUNITIES: ICT Stories Competition 2003 - Tony Zeitoun Award: Now open to enter you story!

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    SOURCE: http://www.iicd.org/stories/ ICT Stories Competition 2003 - Tony Zeitoun Award: Now open to enter you story! Have you been working on a project that
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      ICT Stories Competition 2003 - Tony Zeitoun Award: Now open to enter you story!
      Have you been working on a project that uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a tool for achieving development? Then this is an opportunity for you to share your experiences with the world!
      In almost all projects up-to-date knowledge about Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is crucial, but resources and access to this knowledge are often limited. Moreover, in most projects there is neither time nor money to carefully compare the various options available. In such situations, the experiences of others facing the same problems become invaluable.
      Opportunities to learn from one's own experiences and to share the experiences with others are an important means to strengthen respective knowledge bases. Others find inspiration and can learn from those successes and mistakes, without having to start a new project from scratch, not knowing what others already know about the inherent risks and costs, as well as about possible approaches to manage them.
      Knowledge is generated throughout the entire course of a project. The ICT Stories objective is to capture the learning process that accompanies the introduction and implementation of ICTs in a project in exemplary stories. Most Stories applicants have had to struggle to go through hurdles and a lot of ups and downs for their projects to happen, and their stories become vehicles to share such knowledge. These stories describe good practices and lessons learned from contributors' experiences. 
      Enter the competition to win.
      Based on a set of criteria three winning stories will be selected by a renowned jury. The writers of these stories will be given the opportunity to travel to Switzerland to present their findings at the ICT4D platform at the WSIS! 
      Please visit our website for more information and the submission form.
      The deadline to submit your story is September 26, 2003.
      Good luck in the competition!
      ICT Stories

      More information:
      Email: stories@...
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