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6Brenda's Stats:

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  • themackko
    Jul 25, 2001
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      Brenda's wrestling stats:<br><br>1998-1999
      wrestling season:<br><br>28 wins 2 losses<br>28 pins 2
      losses by decision<br><br><br>1999-2000 wrestling
      season:<br><br>29 wins 1 loss<br>29 pins 1 loss to
      decision<br><br>2000-2001 wrestling season:<br><br>30 wins 4 losses<br>27
      pins 3 wins by decision<br>4 losses : 2 by pin 2 by
      decision<br><br>The losses brenda sustained this year were of two
      factors one because Dawlton missed a tournament and the
      other to a boy named Cameron from another rival town.
      She'll get him next year though watch and see. ( see the
      story of Dawlton's bloody battle with this boy Cameron
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