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22Happy Birthday Brenda

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  • themackko
    Dec 6, 2001
      Today is Brenda's birthday and I couldn't think
      of a better way of telling her that, being that we
      are all apart at this momemt. So what better way to
      tell my special girl a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". So here
      it is....HAPPY BIRTHDAY you little monkey and don't
      worry we will all be together again real soon before
      you and Dawlton's season
      begins.<br><br><br>Debbey<br><br>Now from Dawlton to Brenda....<br><br>Hey Brenda
      happy birthday. I miss you so much. I hope you practice
      cause this year we are going to beat the snot out of
      Cameron. I been practicing with Kaelab and can't wait till
      I get back home and we are together again like
      always. I wish I was there for your party but I will call
      you when Mom gets home tonight around 5:30. We sent
      your present to you yesterday so it should get there
      real soon. I think it was neat and you will like it I
      picked it out myself. I LOVE YOU AND MISS
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