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  • themackko
    Aug 10, 2001
      Just a few quick responses to your post...Women
      can lose it just as bad as the men when it comes to
      any competetive sport and I have met a few that have
      tried to walk around the bounds of the rules just like
      a guy does too. I think that is just a bad side of
      human nature. There are boundaries in every society,
      every nation, every sport, etc. it is the matter of
      free will that people exert to cross over those
      boundaries.<br><br>I don't know about anyone else but my idea of a
      competetion is this... I go there to win not to lose and if I
      lose then I just didn't think fast enough, move fast
      enough, want it bad enough or trained hard enough. Lets
      face it a second place winner is just the first person
      in a long line of losers. I don't want to be a
      loser. I work hard at the mental aspect to remember
      that. Granted there comes a place and time that
      everyone takes a loss once in awhile and that is a big
      blow to the mental thought process of anyone be it a
      man, woman,or child.<br><br>Debbey aka The Mack
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