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Newbie here!

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  • morwen_eledhwen@mailbug.com
    Hi all! I m a newbie to Roleplaying, but definately not a novice to LOTR! Here (I m really into the histories and cultures, so it s kinda long, so please, bear
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2004
      Hi all!

      I'm a newbie to Roleplaying, but definately not a novice to LOTR!
      Here (I'm really into the histories and cultures, so it's kinda long, so
      please, bear with me) is what I wish my character to be:

      Name: R�odwyn Celuien

      Race: Half-elven

      Age: Depends on where you have started the story... :-)

      Physical Desciption: Grey-green eyes, long straight raven hair to waist, kind
      face, average-slender build. Has a horse, F�gerolad, white with black mane and
      tail and is silver in moonlight. Carries bow and arrows, a sword, and a

      Style of clothing: Rohirric, aside from elven boots, cloak and bow. Her sword
      was given to her by Brego, second king of the Mark. She wears a dark green
      stone set in silver around her neck; it was given to her by her father.

      Personality: Quiet, but will speak her mind when pressed and will give her
      opinion when needed.

      Distinguishing traits: Keen Elven sight and hearing, and blessed with the long
      life of her mother's people. (I know these really aren't traits, but I
      couldn't think of anything else... :-) )

      Personal History: Born near the Vales of Anduin in the 2510th year of the
      Third Age to F�larof of the �oth�od (the anscestors of the Rohirrim) and
      Eithelien of Mirkwood. R�odwyn Celuien stayed and learned from her father's
      people, and was devastated when her father was killed by an ambush of orcs.
      After this happened, she went to live with her mother in the woodland realm.
      After only a few years she decided that Elven living was not for her. She went
      back to her father's people, (who had by then moved south near Fangorn) where
      she was warmly taken in by Eorl, then the king of Rohan. She has stayed with
      the royal family since then, serving and fighting for her country when called

      Is this okay?

      I look forward to hearing from you!
      �Gweneth nan-Hirwaith�


      "...ac on mergenne mecum wunde
      be y�lafe uppe laegon,
      sweordum aswefede." --Beowulf--

      "Brego? �in nama is cynglic." Aragorn, LOTR:TTT Extended Edition

      "Dan bado hi ah guir vaer! Navaer, a govado len i'alu in Edhil ar Edain a
      Gwaith Lain bain. S�lo in elenath am n�f l�n!"
      "But go now with good hearts! Farewell, and may the blessings of Elves and Men
      and all Free Folk go with you. May the stars shine upon your faces!" Elrond,
      Fellowship of the Ring, Book II, Chapter III
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