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Re: Arriving at Rivendell

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  • seifer510z
    The rabbit hopped from its spot and sniffed around. Surely enough it sensed danger, but the danger didn t want to be sensed. A bow string buzzed and an
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      The rabbit hopped from its spot and sniffed
      around. Surely enough it sensed danger, but the danger
      didn't want to be sensed.<br><br>A bow string buzzed and
      an arrow made itself home in the white rabbit's
      stomach. Arknight jumped off the branch he was sitting on
      and quickly took the arrow out from the white fur and
      put it back in his quiver, then took the
      animal.<br><br>Half an hour later the Drow was laying on the grass in
      the open field, enjoying a piece of roasted rabbit
      flesh.<br><br>He inhaled the sweet air, and couldn't help but
      grin. The sun was high in the sky, the wind was blowing
      softly, the grass blades moved in waves in response and
      everything was just perfect, even the food. 'What changed?
      What went wrong?' the Drow asked himself for the first
      time in many ages. He wondered at so many things, when
      the major top of them was what occured to Middle
      Earth.<br><br>After an hour or so of resting, Tasadar got up, put out
      the remainings of the fire, finished the meal and
      packed his belongings, and after that stood up and
      shaded his eyes with a long dark hand.<br><br>Rivendell
      was not far away, apparently. He could see it in the
      far distance after three days of riding, but most of
      all could feel it, though he, unlike many others,
      felt it dragging him and not drawing him. Elves, how
      he despised thee...<br><br>"Let us go" he said aloud
      to his horse and jumped on Leto's back. He put the
      newly aqcuired (he took it from an Elf in Mirkwood) in
      a special belt he made for it and took hold of the
      reigns.<br><br>The brown horse trotted with joy in the open field,
      and with no less happiness in the wood. Sure, Elven
      Archers aimed their bows and spears at him, but the Drow
      waved them off and told them he had business in the
      Elven city. They hated him more than he despised them,
      if such a thing is possible.<br><br>"I'll live with
      it, now let me through" he had told them when they
      said he won't be welcomed. Finally, after what seemed
      like eternal argument, they let him
      through.<br><br>"Rivendell!" he exclaimed as he stood with his horse in the
      entrance of the city, ignoring the insults and death
      glares from the guards. He observed as a human female
      almost dispatched an old Elf of his head, and smiled.
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