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Re: [t93] Gerald Gardner and Crowley

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  • Mr Fernee
    93 Greetings! ... I am sure that was the case. ... As I remember, Crowley asked Wilkinson to absent himself after the ritual was finished. I suspect he wished
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      >I wonder if part of the issue was that there was no infrastructure (temple
      >or officer cadre) in the UK to support the rituals,
      I am sure that was the case.

      >especially Io-IIIo.
      >Formal Minerval, with Wilkinson to assist, makes sense, since as we both
      >know that ritual is eminently portable
      As I remember, Crowley asked Wilkinson to absent himself after the
      ritual was finished. I suspect he wished to present glamours concerning
      the Order to Gardner, and did not want Wilkinson around to puncture

      > As I recall the history, the last attempt to revive formal
      >Order work in the UK before WW II was inundated in harrassment by the press
      >and authorities, and so extinguished.
      I think there was a long hiatus between the suppression of the OTO in UK
      by Special Branch (political police) during 1st World War, and then
      Crowley's very informal promotion of the Order amongst such as Grant,
      Gardner, Wilkinson, David Curwen, John Symonds, Frieda Harris. As
      mentioned the OTO operated in a highly informal and fluid way at this
      time in the UK under Crowley, the operation of Agape Lodge in California
      was far more formal.

      Perhaps no wonder that Typhonian OTO, whose founder experienced the
      fluid and informal operation of the Order under Crowley towards the end
      of his life, should differ so much from the Caliphate OTO which
      endeavours to establish and operate a formal constitution very much as
      originally proposed by Crowley.

      My best wishes


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