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Re: [t93] RIKB's website

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  • rikb2@aol.com
    93! In a message dated 1/5/01 4:29:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, ... Thank you. I just need a few more thousand entries, and I ll be satisfied with it ;-) I
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      In a message dated 1/5/01 4:29:44 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      Wizardiaoan@... writes:

      > I loved your site, you have the best computer Greek Number Dic. I've
      > seen.

      Thank you. I just need a few more thousand entries, and I'll be
      satisfied with it ;-)

      I enjoyed 47&74, and it made my day that Harpocrates equals
      > 121 in S.G.!
      > I would like to enter SATOR AREPO OPERA ROTAS = 4774(M.G.)(O=800),
      > and your gematrics for 1,111 are lacking.

      If you have some entries for 1,111, please send them to me and I'll add
      them. I'm excluding things like english words spelled out in Greek letters,
      but if it's from a real Greek source, I'll add it. My collection of barbarous
      names and such is lacking, but it's hard to draw the line there because
      there's such a variety of very long words that probably aren't very rewarding
      upon analysis. There's a problem entering capital letters for some reason, if
      that's what you're alluding to -- it was fixed a while back and for some
      reason is balking again. Probably because it was transferred to a new server,
      and an older version of the script was transferred or something. I'll check
      it out.

      I could help you out on
      > this by referring to my Magickal Timeline on File at
      > Thelema&holycram@egroups.com, or e-mail you just them personally,
      > they are fascinating.

      Please mail them to me personally -- I know I'll get side-tracked if I
      try to pick them out of something longer.

      > You say that Mr. Hulse revealed some things too freely, like what and
      > I certainly disagree, everything needs to be out in the open!

      In that case, please present yourself nude at the nearest street corner
      and start screaming out your telephone number. Of course, my intent is just
      to say that regardless of how widely something *should* be known, there are
      circumstances in which it isn't necessarily proper to uncover it or shout it
      out frivolously. This is apparently an antiquated notion, since in the modern
      climate, even the number of hairs on Britney Spears' areolas can be found
      somewhere on the 'Net.

      > As far as your Mars kamea English gematria is concerned, I wish to
      > state that those numbers are one of many possible variant orders, for
      > which see "Western Mandalas of Transformation" by Soror A.L.

      There are something on the order of 275 million 5 x 5 magic squares
      using the numbers 1-25, of course. The one I've used is privileged only in
      the sense that it was used by Agrippa, the Golden Dawn, and Crowley. There
      may be others that have been used in an esoteric sense -- I would be
      surprised if there weren't -- but I feel the one I've used is the most likely
      candidate for such a system. With 275 million options, one has to eliminate
      the competition somehow.

      > I'm reading a good book now by Charles Seif entitled "Zero: The
      > Biography of a Dangerous Idea."

      Funny, you're the third person who's told me that in the last week.
      Another good one is "The History of Pi" by Petr Beckmann, although it may be
      out of print now.

      93 93/93
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