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Re: Energy ( was Yoga, magick, drugs)

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  • Demona De Armour
    Hello Krishadawn11, ... I maybe way out of my league but in Yoga I have learnt to center or to balance out myself. When I become distracted, confused, etc. I
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      Hello Krishadawn11,

      >Thank (no)god- someone describing what I was talking about several >weeks

      >I can match energy. I have no experience with the drug use aspect of >it
      >that exacerbate based on emotional intensity. Additionally, in my case, I
      >can only >do this when the other person or persons can also "match energy"
      >(or >vibrations as I sometimes call it).
      >ie.. I only tune into other tuned in people..( though like I said I
      > >haven't been around high drug use in another to test that aspect of it.)

      >I also am focused on the aspect of control. ie... it is not my will >to do
      >this without comprehension. Not only is it uncomfortable at times, >but it
      >can actually be dangerous. Have you had any success with tapping into
      > >the control mechanism within yourself? I have not as of yet. ( one of
      > >the reasons being it is not that common an occurrence. ie..there are not
      > >that many people (that I have found) that can do it or know what the hell
      > >I am talking about.)

      >If you have had success, in what ways? And with what techniques?

      I maybe way out of my league but in Yoga I have learnt to center or to
      balance out myself. When I become distracted, confused, etc. I just settle
      myself. To get at the heart of the matter, which is a nice pun, I close
      myself off to what is happening and breathe. I focus on my breathing. As I
      breathe in I breathe in clearness, calm like an ocean after a storm or pool
      surrounded by an invisible barrier. I breathe out chaos, negative energy,
      all those things that disturb me or harm me or I don't want in myself. I
      become like an pool of water that no one can stir or cause disturbances
      except me. Endless never breaking. I can awaken with tides or have
      complete stillness. It takes concentration and practice, but it has helped
      me out of very difficult situations. For example everyone likes to take
      pictures at gymnastic events. Do you know how distracting a flash bulb in
      your eyes when you are doing a back axial into the splits on the balance
      beam? You can't see anything or think about anything but the routine. The
      routine is the pool surrounded by an invisible barrier. You must control it
      or you loose and fall on your ass.

      Does that help???

      It sounds like you are bothered by a lot of energies. Yoga has quieted my
      mind and allowed me to think more clearly. Why not give it a try.

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